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Sunday, January 28, 2018


Yep it is that time of the year again. Time to buy your sweetheart some candy for Valentine's Day.
There are so many choices out there now, so many different types of candy to buy.  At one time it was pretty much just heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates.

 Now you can get just about any chocolate heart you want. Reese's hearts, snickers and twix hearts. Hearts filled with fudge, crisps, peanut butter or just chocolate hearts.  Heart  and lip shaped suckers.
 Oh and you can't forget the gummy hearts and peeps.

Candy In colors of pink, white, red purple and blue. Flavors of cinnamon, peppermint  and cherry. Sweet candy and sour candy. How do you choose ?

I am not really sure how the tradition of giving candy on Valentine's day ever started, but hey I am a candy store so I'm not complaining. HA HA

We get many customers calling saying they want to sent a gift of candy for Valentine's day, but they really don't know what to send.

Well you can never really go wrong with chocolates, is always my first answer as I don't know anyone that would walk away from a box of chocolates.

But if chocolate is not what they want , then we really need to narrow it down. Sweet or Sour is always our next question. Sometimes I feel like we are playing 20 questions.

In the end we always come up with a special treat that is personalized just to the recipient.

So when buying your Valentine candy this year, if you are stuck, just give us a call. I am sure we can come up with the perfect gift for your someone special. We can customize it and add a personal gift message and have it shipped right to their door.

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