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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Easter basket filled with candy and toys a perfect Easter basket for kids. If you are looking for a cute Easter basket for kids that hastoys in it , not just candy this is the perfect Easter basket. This will work whether you are looking to buy an Easter Basket for boys or girls.

Candy included in this basket is :

  • Pez and refills
  • Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bunny
  • Sour Patch Bunnies
  • M & M's
  • Chocolate Carrot
  • Rice Krispies Treat
  • Easter Lolllipop
  • Lifesaver Gummies
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Egg
  • Of Course Jelly Beans
  • and More.
This is just a selection of the candy in each of these kids Easter baskets. There is over 20 pieces of candy that kids love.  Not a ton of candy, but  just enough to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Besides all that great candy your also get the following toys :

  • Of course a plush Easter Bunny
  • A Easter themed card game
  • A maze puzzle
  • A small coloring book
  • A box of crayon 
  • A Easter Cartoon DVD 
Our candy and toy Easter basket will delight any child.  What more do kids like then candy and toys.
Buy one of our Easter basket for any child on your list.  Gift bagged and you can add your own special message and have it delivered right to your door.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Easter baskets for toddler boys or girls your choice. When looking to buy a toddler Easter basket sometimes it can be challenging. You want something that is cute, yet you don't want a basket will
all kinds of hard candy or to much sugar.

We have had many customers ask us for an Easter basket that is more toddler specific and this is what we came up with.

Instead of a wicker basket we made up the toddler ones in a cute plastic bucket. The bucket is themed towards either something appropriate for little girls or boys.

Candy choices are themed more towards toddlers.
Some of the candy you will get are :

  • A Large chocolate bunny sucker
  • A box of Easter cookies
  • A chocolate covered marshmallow bunny
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Gummy Easter Lifesavers
  • Rice Krispies treat
  • A baby binkie hollow bunny
  • Along with other candies.
You will not find any hard candies or bubble gum in this basket.

Each basket will also have :

 You don't have to work about getting small toys that will end up in the little ones mouth and be a choking hazard.  Of course like anything else with toddlers  you do have to watch them.

All this and more comes in a cute plastic bucket when emptied they can carry their toys around in. So if you are looking to buy a toddler Easter Basket check these out delivered right to your door and a personalize gift message can be added.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Our large Easter basket is perfect for the whole family.  If  you are looking to buy an Easter basket for the family to share this is the one. Everyone likes to play the bunny at Easter and give Easter baskets. But let's face it , if you need 3 or 4 Easter baskets that can get pretty expensive.  If that's the case why not buy the ultimate Easter Basket ?

There is a variety of candy in this basket, sure enough to please everyone in the family.  Some of the Easter candies you will get are :
  • Boxed Solid Chocolate Brach's Bunny
  • A 6oz Reese's Peanut Butter Egg
  • Peeps
  • Pez and refills
  • Jelly Belly
  • Reester Bunny
  • Hershey Marshmallow Egg
  • Snickers Egg
  • Twix Egg
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs
  • Hershey Solid Chocolate Bunny
  • Cadbury Creme Egg
  • Cadbury Caramel Egg
  • Hershey Kisses
  • And More
From kids to teens to adults everyone will love this Easter basket.  Not enough candy in it and you want more. Just give us a call, you can hand select what other candy you would like to add to this basket.

So if you are looking to buy a large Easter basket this is the one. Filled with name brand Easter candies that everyone loves.  Send it to yourself  or have it delivered right to the recipient. We can even add a personalized gift message. 

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Easter candy there are so many choices how do you choose ?  Picking out Easter candy is not so easy anymore, but it sure if fun.

How do you decide what Easter candy to buy ?  Do you pick just chocolate Easter candy or your favorite candy you ate as a kid ?

Of course you have your jelly beans. Do you pick the old time Classic Brach's jelly beans,
Jelly Belly or do you pick some of the newer brands that have come out over the last couple of years?
There are  warheads jelly beans,  lemonhead , sweet tarts or  jolly ranchers. Sweet or sour there is something out there to appeal to your taste buds.

If you are looking for some old time Easter Candy you have  your Fiesta Malted Milk eggs in white or pastels,  marshmallow chick and rabbits, bunny basket eggs, chocolate bunnies, gold brick eggs.

Chocolate bunnies have even changed. Of course there are solid chocolate or hollow bunnies. Milk chocolate or white.  Many candy companies have their own style of bunnies. Reese's, Cadbury, Hershey's and Snickers. Some have peanut butter, some have peanuts or caramel and others have rice crisps.

Of course you need chocolate eggs as well. Whether you like Reese's Eggs, Hershey eggs, Twix Eggs or snickers.  You can find just about any type of candy you like in the shape of an egg with  a mixture of fillings.

Maybe you don't even put that much thought into picking our your Easter candy and just walk down the isle and grab bags and just throw them in your cart. Many of times you know exactly what you want and have to run from store  to store to find it.  Why not just buy your Easter candy online and have it delivered right to your door. No hassle of running from place to place.

Buy your Easter candy from O'Ryans Village save time and money and still have some shopping fun.

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