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Monday, November 20, 2017
Chocolate coal is a very popular candy at Christmas.  How many times have you been told you better be good or Santa is going to put coal in your stocking ? Or maybe it is you threaten to get the coal.

You get a red mesh bag filled with 10 lumps of coal. Not only is this coal candy chocolate, it is double crisp as well.  So as you bite into it it will crunch. Each  lump is wrapped in a black foil
so it looks like coal.

One would think that this is  popular to give to kids, but you might be surprised to know that actually more adults receive this bag of coal then kids.

Chocolate coal has become a very popular at office parties. We have many companies that buy coal candy to give to their employees as a joke.  After all even the tag on the bag says " Being Naughty
Never Tasted So Nice ! " I am sure there is laughter through out the office when employees receive this gag gift.

If you are looking to buy coal candy for those on your naughty or nice list this is perfect. It also makes a great candy for your Christmas stockings.

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