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Saturday, January 26, 2013
Let's face it guys like getting gift for Valentine's day too, but will they admit it probably not. Then the big question is what to buy them. Women are easy you can't go wrong with a box of chocolates, flowers or of course jewelry, but with men it can be a little more difficult.

Here are some idea's for Valentine gifts for him. These are our most popular candies that we send to guys for Valentine's day.

Sugar daddy suckers are our number selling candy when it comes to gift of him. You get a box of 48 mini pops. Let that special man in your life know you think he is your sugar daddy. We also have the large sugar daddy or a 1 pound giant sugar daddy sucker.

If you are looking for a candy gift basket . Check out our sour candy gift basket. This gift basket is filled with nothing but sour candy sure to make
him pucker up.  You get sour gummy burgers, razzles, sour patch kids, sweet and sour suckers just to name a few.

Bun candy bars are the top selling candy bars at Valentine's day. They are available in maple, caramel and vanilla.   I won't even
tell you the messages that we have put on these candy bars. Each box has 24 candy bars.

Let that special man in your life know just how hot you think he is with a box of red hots.  Bit size red candies with a spicy cinnamon flavor.  These are not a hot candy, but they do give you a tingle. Just like your Valentine does.

If he is into classic cars, here is a sweet treat for him.  1958 corvette convertible .  Not only do you get a car, but also a goody bag of candy.
We have other classic cars to choose from. All classic cars from the
50's and 60's.

All men thing they are strong, tuff and sexy.  Big hunk bars are a perfect way to let him know what a hunk you think he is.  Shhh don't tell him as I sure he won't appreciated it , but these are also a bit sweet.

So here you have it, our top selling  Nostalgic candies that make great Valentine gifts for men or any time of the year. Whether you think he is a hunk, has great buns, is red hot , your sugar daddy or just want him to pucker up. You won't go wrong with any of these choices. Make sure to check out our
Valentine's Day Candy as there are so many more sweet treat to choose from.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Milky Way simply caramel hearts are a new Valentine candy this year. I have to admit these are simply delicious. Every year candy companies come out with a holiday version of an everyday candy.
Simply caramel hearts are a version of the simply caramel candy bar.

Have you seen these at your local supermarket or chain stores ? Have you thought about giving them a try , but haven't. Well I suggest you do as they are quickly becoming one of my favorite Valentine candies.

If you have never tried this you are probably wondering what they are. Well they are simply caramel and chocolate. There are other caramel filled hearts available, however  I haven't tasted anything  quite as great as these.

You get a melt in your mouth chocolate heart when you bite into it the  thick chocolate shell will snap. Once getting inside you reach a creamy gooey soft caramel. Don't be surprised if you end up with caramel on your chin or face.  These are somewhat sweet and eating more then one at a time could be a challenge but one you will enjoy.

Don't let the name Milky Way confuse you as they are different then the traditional candy bar. Unlike the candy bar this are only chocolate and caramel with no nougat what so ever. Although these are a spin off of the simply caramel candy bars I found the milky way hearts to be better.  The caramel in the hearts is a lot softer, these remind me more of a carmello candy bar.

Each heart is 1 oz of chocolaty gooey goodness. You can buy them in a full box of 24 or just one Milky Way caramel heart if you want to give them a try. 

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