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Friday, May 10, 2013

Did you hear that Nestle sold their Bit O Honey brand to Pearson's candy company ?   These are a favorite nostalgic candy from the past, yet somewhat hard to find.  Bit O Honey first came out in a bar form in 1924. It was known for being a honey flavored taffy with tiny bits of almonds.  You can now get these in a single wrapped chew, however all the baby boomers still like the original bar. You get six pieces that are segregated in a wax paper type wrapper.

For the last 29 years Nestle candy company was the manufacture of Bit O Honey.  As of May 2013 Pearsons candy company is the proud owner.  According to Pearson CEO Michael Keller  Bit O Honey was not a big brand for Nestle, which Pearson's plans on changing that by making it more available and offering  new Bit-O-Honey products.

I have to admit that when a candy line is sold to a new company it makes me somewhat nervous.  They always want to make some changes hoping to make the product better and more desirable. Although many times as we have seen in the past, it doesn't always turn out that way.

At one time Topps changed the bazooka bubble gum to big bubbles it was supposed to be softer and allow your to blow bigger bubbles. Necco changed their candy wafers to all natural trying to make them healthier.  Making these changes sort of back fired and both companies changed back to the original recipes. 

I guess only time will tell what if any changes to the recipe Pearson's company will make with the Bit O Honey.  Hopefully they won't mess to much with a good thing.

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