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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Buy your favorite Easter Candy at O'Ryans Village.  Easter is early this year , this year it falls on March 31, 2 013 which means it is time to start picking out all those delicious treats for your Easter baskets. Did you know that Easter is the number one selling holiday for candy ? There are so many great  Easter candies to pick from it is hard to make your choices.

Every year candy companies come out with more and more new Easter candy choices. Think about all the different kinds of jelly beans you can now get.  At one time your choices were pretty simple Brach's classic jelly beans or black jelly beans. Now you can get spiced jelly beans, sour ones or bumpy crunchy ones.

Chocolate bunnies come in such a variety choose from solid, hollow or filled. You have your classic brands like Brach's and Hershey's solid chocolate bunnies, but you can also get bunnies filled with fudge and peanut butter.  There are mini bunnies, 3 inch bunnies or 5 inch bunnies. No matter what size bunny you pick you can bet the ears will get ate first.

It seems like every candy company comes out with something for Easter. They take a nostalgic candy and turn them into an Easter candy so they are not left out in the cold. You can now get classic candies in an Easter form like  Easter dots,  pastel junior mints, gobstoppers jawbreakers in the shape of eggs  or sugar babies in pastel colors.

Lets take our favorite candy bars Reese's peanut butter cups, Snickers, Snickers Peanut butter candy candy bars and let's make them in the shape of eggs.  Although they are the same recipe as the candy bars it seems the shape makes them taste different.  We have customers that as soon as the Reese's peanut butter eggs come out they stock up on them to try and make them last the whole year.

Easter gummy candy is getting to be very popular. Gummy candy in general is very popular with kids and adults. The Easter versions are no different. When I think gummy candy I think kids, but that is not the case. It is amazing how many adults want the gummy lifesaver bunnies or the sweet tart gummy bunnies for them self.

Out of all the holidays I think Easter candy is the most fun. We get not only the classic Easter candy like Brach's , Reese's , Cadbury and Hershey's but there are so many much fun novelty candies. Plastic carrots filled with malted milk eggs or jelly beans,  plastic eggs filled with candy or  toys that once the candy is gone you are left with a toy to play with.

Some many of the Easter Candies come in pretty  pastel colors  making us think spring is right around the corner after a long and grey winter. Soon everything starts coming to life and there are pretty colors everywhere. So many of Easter candies are used for baking Easter treats.  Bunny cakes, chick cup cakes and bunny cake pops.

Hop on over to O'Ryans Village and check out all our great Easter candy you can now buy and ship right to your door. Looking for an Easter gift we can help with that too, we have so many different Easter baskets to choose from and we can ship right to your some bunny special.

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