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Saturday, September 29, 2012
Over the years many candy companies have been taking classic retro candy and coming out with a holiday version.  You can now buy dots candy in either ghosts, bats or candy corn flavor.  Although kids to like these especially the ghost dots it seems the adults enjoy them more.  Their favorite dots candy they ate as a kid with a twist.

Ghost dots have an extra surprise. They are a very light color green making them almost see through. They come in the same fruit flavors as the original dots candy , however you never know what flavor you are getting until you bite into them.

Bat dots candy are a black gum drop. Everyone assumes that they are a licorice flavor, however they are a orange flavored gum drop.
I have to admit when eating a piece of black candy the last flavor you expect to get is orange.

Candy Corn Dots, these are perfect for those who love candy corn.  You get a chewy orange and yellow gum drops that tastes just like candy corn only chew. These are the least favorite of kids. Let's face it with all the Halloween candy available kids would rather something else then candy corn.

Just like classic dots candy the Halloween version is made my Tootsie Candy Company.  Each box is 7 oz and has far as candy goes these are somewhat health.
 Did you know that Tootsie brand candy is:
  • Gluten-Free (All Tootsie products are gluten free except Andes cookies.)
  • Peanut-Free
  • Nut Product-Free
These are a perfect treat for those with allergies. 

Buy your favorite dots Halloween candy now this is one of those candies that of course is only available at Halloween and they sell out fast.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Caramel apple pops are a favorite sucker all year long, but they are considered one of our most popular Halloween candies.  Tootsie candy company first introduced this yummy suckers in 1995.
Although they became popular amongst kids very fast you may be surprise to know that adults love these also.

Unlike many suckers, caramel apple pops are a flat sucker. A tart and tangy hard green apple candy that is the covered with a sweet caramel. Once  you start eating one of these you first taste the sweet caramel before long you are tasting the tart apple.

If you love caramel taffy apples you are going to really enjoy these and the best part is they are available all year long. You can now satisfy your taffy apple craving all year long.

We have many customers on the weight watchers program that purchase these suckers, they only have 60 calories per pop.  Did you know that these are also nut free, peanut free and gluten free ?

You can buy caramel apple pops in a single pop , but for those of you that need more then just a few they also come in a 48 count box.

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