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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
I have decided that out of all the holiday candy, Easter Candy is my favorite. I have also decided that after Easter I am going to have to go on a diet. Going to a job every day where you are surrounded by nothing but candy makes one have to have some strong will power not to eat everything you see. I walk in my shop in the morning and get a blast of sweet smells. I am finding out though that no matter how strong my will power is for most of the year when it comes to Easter candy I have none.

Brachs Chicks and Rabbits have got to be one of my most favorite Easter candies if I had to pick just one. Although they are very similar to circus peanuts I find myself eating the chicks and rabbits. I think my favorite are the banana ones. Every year I plan to save a bag for me, but then I have a customer call wanting some and I can not lie when they ask if we have any left. So I usually end up selling my bag. Not this year though as I have already opened it and have started munching away on them.

Brachs Fiesta Malted Milk Eggs are another favorite Easter Candy of mine. There are many companies that make the malted milk eggs for Easter , however the fiesta eggs are my favorite. You get a crisp white speckled candy shell that actually snaps when you bite into it before reaching the malted milk center. Before reaching the malted center there is a layer of milk chocolate. Brachs candy company is one of the few companies that still use real milk chocolate.

Jolly ranch sour bunnies is a candy I have found myself reaching for this year. I really am not fond of sour candy, but these have just the right mixture of sweet and sour. The come in Orange, Cherry, Apple and Watermelon. They are a very soft and chewy candy similar to a gummy candy with a dusting of sour sugar. As I been munching on a bag of these I find I keep reaching for the watermelon and the apple.

When it comes to chocolate there is no question about which is my favorite. Hands down it is the Reese's peanut butter eggs. The creamy peanut butter shaped egg surrounded by smooth rich milk chocolate what's not to love.

We get a lot of phone in orders during the holidays and our customers and I always have the discussion of what is our favorite candies. For me just trying to pick a couple is a hard chore. There are so many different types of Easter candy to choose from. You have your jelly beans of course and peeps, but there is such a variety of other candy including chocolates, sweet tart type candies and gummies.

Many customers love the choices we have in our candy. It reminds them of the sweet treats they used to eat as a kid. Now that we have discussed what a couple of my favorite Easter candies are, what is your favorite and and why ?

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