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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are excited to announce that Astro Pop suckers will be hitting the market again this summer. These are known as the rocket shaped sucker and they claim it is the longest lasting sucker. They will be coming back in the original flavors of passion fruit, cherry and pineapple.

Astro pops were discontinued in 2004. Spangler candy company was the manufacturer from
1987 until 2004. In May of 2010 the rights were bought by Leaf Candy Company, however the machinery that was used was no longer available. Leaf has been working this last two years to get the right machines to make these old time suckers the same way there were many years ago.

The original Astro Pop being shaped like a rocket was pointy , at one time they changed this lollipop instead of the point being at the top it was like they made them upside down. The fat part of the sucker was at the top and the sucker got thinner towards the bottom of the stick. Once the change was made it seem that consumers were no longer interested in these. They were not the same candy they ate as a kid.

We are glad that Leaf company bought the rights and have decided to start making these Nostalgic candies again. Many of times these old time favorites are purchased no only because they taste good, but because they remind them of a special time and bring back so many memories.

Although we are not sure exactly when Astro Pop will be available to purchase, we do know that it will be sometime within the next few months. If you would like to be notified when they become available just let us know.

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