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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cadbury Mini Eggs are a must have Easter Candies. It is hard to resist the taste of cadbury chocolate. Cadbury uses on the best ingredients in their candy.
A creamy rich tasting chocolate shaped like and egg with a crisp candy coating. Even the pastel colored candy coating has a rich coloring.

These are one of those candies that we just can't wait to start eating at Easter. At first you bite through a crisp candy shell then reach the yummy chocolate. These are one of those candies you can't eat just one of , you will find yourself reaching into the bag for more and before long they are gone.

Cadbury Mini eggs are one of those must have Easter basket candies. The Easter bunny sure would be in trouble at our house if he didn't place these treats in our kids Easter baskets.

Did you know that there are two separate companies that make the cadbury eggs? That's right in the UK and Canada they are made by Kraft Foods, however here in the United States they are made by Hershey candy company.

We carry this Cadbury mini eggs in single bags which are perfect for your Easter baskets, but for those that 1 bag is just not enough we also carry them in a 36 count box. Each bag is 1.5 oz of crispy chocolaty fun.

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