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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Buy your favorite Necco Conversation Hearts in the classic original flavors at O'Ryans Village. These pastel shaped candy hearts with the sayings of love, have been around for over 145 years. These are one of the top selling Valentine's Day Candies. Not only did many of us eat these as a kid, but also kids today love getting these candy hearts. Not only are these fun to eat, but they are used
for decorating cupcakes and other Valentine treats.

The original Necco Conversation hearts are very hard to find. In 2010 Necco decided it was time for a change. The changed many of the sayings, the colors, but the biggest change was the flavors. While Necco thought this was a good change, the consumer did not agree. They prefer the original flavors to the new ones.

We are happy to say we were able to get the Original flavors of these classic candies. While they are not available in the little 1 oz treat boxes, they are still available in bulk. We have found a company that buys them and then repackages them under their own name, so they don't say Necco on them, but they are the originals.

If these are one of your favorite Valentine Candy, we can help you. Many companies claim to have the classic hearts, but they are not the classic flavors. The hint to tell if you are getting the original or the new one is the color of the hearts. If you getting blue hearts they are the new flavors.

We were lucky to find the Original Necco Hearts, but quantities are limited and they will sell out very fast.

Each bag comes with the following flavors of candy heart:

• Yellow – Banana Flavored

• Green – Lime Flavored

• Orange – Orange Flavored

• Pink – Cherry Flavored

• White – Wintergreen Flavored

Each bag is 15 oz. and has 400 conversation hearts.

If these are a must have for your Valentine's Day candies don't wait to long or they will be gone and we are not really sure if we will be able to get them back again next year.

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by: O'Ryans Village


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