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Friday, October 28, 2011
What To Do With All That Left Over Halloween Candy.

Let's face it kids love getting free candy, well actually anyone loves getting free candy. Kids love getting all dressed up in their Halloween costumes walking door to door for hours collecting tons of sweet treats. The next step is heading home and sorting it all out, favorites, just ok, not so good and yuk.

Many of times months later you still have some candy sitting around and before long it ends up in the garbage. You are either tired of seeing it sitting around or the kids just don't like it.  Sometimes your kids will eat everything that they get, but should they ? If you asked your dentist I am sure they would say that all the sugar is not good for their teeth and before long you are making trips to the dentist.

Did you know that many dentists offer a Halloween Candy Buy Back Program ?    Many local dentists will buy back your extra Halloween candy. Don't be alarmed they don't sit and eat it. This candy is collected then donated to our troops through a program called  Operation Gratitude. Something so simple and available to us everyday  is such a big treat to our service peoples, it reminds them and gives them a little piece of home.

 A certain day is set up for you to drop off your candy. It's up to each individual dentist as to what they give you in return for your candy. Here are a few ways they have made exchanges for your candy in the past:
  •  Some will pay you buy the pound.
  •  Some have given out certificates to nearby McDonalds, Taco Bells etc that were donated.
  •  Some have given goody bags filled with toothbrush, floss and tooth paste.
  •  Some just ask for it to be donated as this is such a good cause.
Not all area's or dentists participate in these program. If this is something that you are interested in you can check out the Halloween buy back program to find out more information and check to see if there is a dentist in your area.

Now if  you can't get your kids to part with any of their candy and you still want to send some smiles to our troops it's easy. After Halloween many of the stores have their left over candy marked down 50% or more. Just big up a couple of bags and donate it. If their is not a dentist participating in your area you can sent it directly to :

Operation Gratitude/California Army National Guard

17330 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, California 91406
ATTN: Rich Hernandez
Phone: 262-OPGRAT-1 (262-674-7281)

How Halloween Candy Buy Back Got Started?

Chris Kammer is a founding member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has worked as a professional concert promoter, television producer, disc jockey, and more. He has always loved dentistry and media. Dr. Kammer opened Bite Down Productions and ran the company for 10 years. Bite Down promoted big-name bands' concerts, boxing shows, conventions, and had a television show.
After having kids, Dr. Kammer gained a new appreciation for dentistry as a great profession and career. He moved his passion for media into his dentistry business. And guess what? He found a huge audience waiting to hear about dentistry! He started a marketing department with full-time marketing director, videographer, graphic designer, and PR specialist in his office. This led him to opportunities in the national media – both TV and magazines. Later, he built a new practice and refocused more toward dentistry. He outsourced his dental practice’s marketing to a respected PR company. The company created monthly promotions for Dr. Kammer. A few years ago, the PR company asked Dr. Kammer what his promotion should be for October.
Dr. Kammer is the first to say, he did not invent the idea of a candy buyback at Halloween, but he did think it was a great concept. He and his PR company ran with it, then decided to send the candy to US troops overseas.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011
Candy corn is the most recognized Halloween Candy. Did you know that there is actually a national day set aside to celebrate Candy Corn ? Yep that's right October 30 is considered National Candy Corn Day.
These kernel shaped sweet treats are one of those candies you either love or hate. It has been around since the 1800's and the first maker was Wunderlee Candy Company.

Halloween is the top season for candy corn sales, although it may be available all year long and a little difficult to find it's still out there. According to the National Confectioners Association, over  20 million pounds is sold per year which is over 2 billion pieces.

This is such a popular holiday candy that they have come out with other versions for the other holidays too:

  • There is red and green reindeer corn for  Christmas.
  • There is red and white corn for Valentine's Day.
  • There is pastel bunny corn for Easter.  

 Although there are many  companies that make this corn candy. Brach's brand which is now owned by Farley's and Sather's  is the number one selling brand. Brachs has been making this for over 100 years and they believe their success has to do with the fact they use real honey when making their candy corn unlike most companies.

Candy corn is one of those must have candies for the Halloween season. You may be amazed to know that there are many who purchase it, but they don't plan to eat it. Usually if that is the case it is purchased for it's memories.  I don't know about you, but whenever we would go to Grandma's house in October you can be sure to find a bowl of candy corn and pumpkins sitting in the middle of her kitchen table and to this day when I see it I think of her.

Did you know you can make your own candy corn ?  Here is a short video we found that shows you just how do to that.

Although it doesn't seem very hard, I think I will take the easy way out and just grab a bag out of the stockroom and sit back and enjoy.

We hope everyone will celebrate National Candy Corn day this  Sunday sitting back, watching a little football and eating some candy corn.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who would like to win some free Nostalgic candy ? I think we already know the answer to this question – EVERYONE ! Facebook has started a new program called fan of the week.
They will pick a fan from O'Ryans Village Facebook page and they will win a prize. This will be done  every week. Facebook has asked us to do this and we are thinking about participating in the program. It seems fun and pretty simple.

To get a chance at winning all you have to do is :
  • Become a fan of O'Ryans Facebook page
  • Post comments on our wall.
  • Reply to comments posted.
  • Hit the like buttons.
  • Invite friends to join our page.
  • Go to our store and hit the facebook like button on any of our item pages.

Then every week Facebook will look at the active fans and announce  a winner and we will send
you a prize. Prizes will change weekly, but we promise it will be a sweet treat. Something old, something new, maybe even something blue, but never something borrowed.

Just remember, winners are picked by  Facebook. We will be as surprised as the winner, we will not know who the winner is until it is posted by Facebook on our fan page.

This sounds like fun to us, how about you?  If you think this sounds fun please post  a comment either here or on our facebook fan page and let us know.

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