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Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are happy to say that the original flavors of Necco Wafers are back and available to buy at our candy store. These wafers are a classic candy from the past that first came out in 1847. Everyone knows these for being a flat candy disk that came in an pastel colors and assorted flavors. Each roll was wrapped in a wax paper wrapper.

Although this is an old time candy it is still very much loved today not only by the baby boomers and older generation, but also by kids today.

For some reason Necco decided in late 2009 - early 2010 to change these to all natural ingredients. They started using red beet juice, purple cabbage, cocoa powder, paprika and turmeric to replace the artificial ingredients they were using for years. In the process the lime was dropped as they could not find a natural ingredient that worked.

With these changes the colors were a bit lighter, but they claimed the flavor was the same. Many of our customers told us differently, they said they did not taste as good and was very disappointed in the changes.

I often wonder why these candy companies mess with a good thing. I know today there are many people that are more conscious about what they eat and some prefer all natural, however when it come to candy the sweeter, gooier , messier the better.
Candy is a sweet indulgence the fond memories these sweet treats bring back remind many of when they were a kid, when times were different and to some better.

Apparently Necco listens to what the customers have to say and has brought back these classic candies. I guess this explains why Necco has been around forever and is still one of the oldest candy companies when there are so many others that are closing there doors.

To tell if you are getting the natural or the classic wafers seeing both packaging as original is easy. First the original ones come in a yellow box, the all natural candy wafers in a blue box. Just check and see if the green lime flavor is in the roll, if they are you have the old time ones from years ago, if not you have the newer all natural ones.

Did you know that the conversation hearts are the same ingredients as the candy wafers? In 2009 the flavors for those were also changed. So it makes me wonder if the conversation hearts will also be available in the original flavors. I guess we have to wait until January 2012 to find out.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's face it everyone loves candy especially if it's free. Every week we ask a new trivia question usually relating to candy , but not limited to just candy. We post it on O'Ryans Village Facebook page. The first fan to guess the correct answer wins. Many of times we will also pick a random winner.

Our fans seem to really enjoy our questions. Sometimes they are about history, other times facts and sometimes they are just plain silly questions. The answer and winning fan is normally announced on Fridays, however sometimes our fans can't wait that long to see if they are the winner so we post on Thursday.

The question we had this week was:

If you were a gummy bear what would you drink ?

There was two possible correct answers
1 - Gummy Cola Bottles
2 - Trolli Soda Poppers

We had over 75 guesses, many of which were just plain ole silly. Our fans really put some thought into their answers.

Here is a selection of a few of the answers we received

• Fizzies
• Diet Cherry Coke From Sonic
• Honey Tea
• A smoothie at Jamba Juice
• Gummi berry juice…. Makes me a jolly bear
• Leinenkugels Berry Weiss
• Jello Shots
• A different colored gummy bear
• Nothing Gummi Bears don’t drink
• Shots of Sour Pucker…. Then I would be a sour bear

And the list goes on. If you would like to see how creative our fans can be check out all their answers. From time to time we will also ask our fans to submit trivia questions to us. If we used their question, they would win a prize along with the correct guessing fan.

If you are addicted to candy and enjoy having fun O'Ryans Fan Page is where you need to be. Besides trivia contests we have also had an Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween costume contest, coupons for savings exclusively for our fans and mail out candy samples for reviewing.

If you would like a chance to win some fun retro candy become a member of our fan page and join in on the fun. We hope to see you there.

Melody & Jeff

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011
A sad farewell to these old time candies. Many remember kits and b b bat taffy candies from their childhood. For those of you who don't remember them they are an old time candy from way back.

Kits came in 4 flavors Banana, Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Strawberry. Each little package had 4 bite size taffies each individually wrapped. At one time these were considered a penny candy.

B B Bats were made from the same recipe as kits and came in the same 4 flavors but they were a sucker. These first came out in the late 1920's. The B B part of the name meant bigger and better, the wrappers had little bats on them.

Over the years these nostalgic favorites had been sold from one candy manufacturer to another. They were one of those candies everyone remember eating as a kid. Classic Caramel was the most recent company and the last one to make these.

It's funny how many people liked kits over the b b bats or visa versa seeing they were the same candy. However many had the definite preference of which one was there favorite. As the news has traveled that they are now discontinued we have been getting many calls and customers telling us just how sad this news makes them.

All the stories we have been hearing about this being a favorite old school candy. Everyone had their favorite flavor, mine was the peanut butter then banana and forget the strawberry. These were one of the candies everyone wanted for 50's party favors.

I know these will be missed and hope that maybe someday they will be made again.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beemans gum is back ! It will only be available for a short time. This is one of 3 chewing gums that is made by Cadbury Adams that is only produced for a limited time. Not only that, but it only comes out every 3 years or so.

Many ask why it's not available all the time. That is a question we ask ourselves. The only answer I can come up with is supply and demand. About 10 years ago the sales for this nostalgic gum dropped so it was discontinued for awhile, when they brought it back the sales soared.

I guess this is a good marketing idea for the company , with it being a limited edition the demand is huge and it sells very quickly. The consumer on the other hand isn't very happy when they can't find their favorite old time gum when ever they want it.

Beemans chewing gum as been around for over 100 years. It was actually invented by Dr. Edward E Beeman. He had many patients with stomach and digestive related illness, which he always gave them pepsin as an aid.

He invented a pepsin powder which due to a suggestion from his bookkeeper he added the powder to chicle and came out with Beemans pepsin gum. It's slogan was you can eat like a pig, the package actually had a picture of a pig on it.

Today I am sure there are some people out there that chew on the beeman's gum to help with heartburn , but I believe most chew it because they like it. This old time gum will definitely bring back some nostalgic memories.

Every time this gum becomes available we buy as much as we can get our hands on as the self life is good for approx 1 year. No matter how many cases we buy, it seems we purchase enough.

If this was one of your favorite gums you ate as a kid or even as an adult and it is a must have for you hurry and buy yours now as it is selling quickly. We have it available in either just one pack or you can get a box of 20 packs. You can chew till your jaws hurt.

Don't forget to also pick up some Black Jack Gum and Clove Gum as these two are also an old time nostalgic gum.

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Monday, August 15, 2011
I am so excited that the county fair is almost here ! Over the years we sure have had some good times there. Great food, fun games, fast rides and good entertainment oh the memories.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am crazy about monkeys ! My fascination started when I was about 4. As a little girl my dad would take me to Wilson's Variety Store and in the corner with the birds and the fish they had a monkey. Oh I wanted that monkey so bad, needless to say I never got it, however that has never stopped me from wanting one.

In 2005 my aunt and I were spending the day at the fair , we were getting ready to leave and of course I had to have my cotton candy before heading home. I purchased my blue cotton candy and went to search for a place to sit. Off to the side there was a show going on so we thought we would go check it out.

Well imagine my surprise to find out it was a monkey show. There was the cutest little monkey and boy could he do the tricks. I laughed and giggled as much as the little kids. Near the end of the show they announced they would be taking pictures with your child for $5.00.

The show ended and I sat there. I looked at my aunt and she already knew what I was thinking. I waited til there was 1 child in line and got my 5 bucks and stood in line.
When the guy got to me I handed him my money. He looked all around searching for my child , then looked at me and said " You want to hold the monkey " my reply was you bet.

So I sat down and everyone still standing around was laughing at me, but I didn't care it was a dream come true for me. Now the best part was with all the "other kids" the monkey sat on their shoulders, but I got to hold the monkey I my lap.

So I would like you to meet my friend. Many of you probably already know him. His name is Wilson he was the monkey that was in the first Dr. Dolittle Movie. When it was time to give him back I wanted to pay another $5.00 just so I could hold him and play with him a little longer.

It was the best 5 dollars I ever spent. I have had a lot of good memories at the fair, especailly when my boys were small and we would all go as a family. I have to admit I was feeling a bit blue that my boys now had a life of their own and jobs they had to go to instead hanging out with me at the fair. It turned out to be the best fair ever.

Now there is another thing I can cross off my bucket list. So tell us what your favorite memories of the county fair was.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011
There is just something about food from the Fair or festival. Maybe it's the excitement going on around, maybe it's just that good. I enjoy eating, but a glutton I am not, however the Fair gets me pretty close to it. I have my favorite vendors at each one of the respective events. I believe Italian sausage is my favorite of the normal foods. Normal foods meaning, not desserts and candy. Planning and plotting out the order in which you procure and enjoy these things are oh so important to the success of the mission. I must resist every time, no matter how fantastic the Italian sausage are, because that's where I start, to not indulge in a second one. This lack of willpower will ruin the remainder of the venture. There will be no room for corn on the cob, ice cream, funnel cakes, and cotton candy if you consume the second bomber. If you do, there is a price to pay. You must pace yourself. Sounds like a glutton? No! Just making sure to take advantage of the particular event being that it only occurs once a year.

I always save the Cotton Candy for last. Cotton candy is all about the flavor and the fun, really doesn't require a lot of room. By room, I mean the ability to eat a fair amount of it without over doing it. Two Italian sausage or three ears of corn will make you suffer, unless of course, you are a glutton. They say "there's always room for Jell-O". Well, the same holds true for Cotton candy. Being swirled onto a hollow paper tube is the traditional way, just give me a big bag full of it. I eat the Charms Fluffy Cotton candy in a bag from O'Ryans Village, three bags are the usual portion. I love the stuff, being made by Charms and all, the flavor is out of this world. They also make Cotton Candy suckers, how awesome is that? Sucker company makes Cotton Candy, and then turns around and makes cotton candy suckers. We can enjoy the flavor even when the fair isn't in town. Life is good.

I really enjoyed the Fairs and such as a kid, I enjoyed them as a young parent sharing it with my kids, and I enjoy them now. It lets me peek over my shoulder and see the great times again that I remember as a child. I sit down to share these stories with people, and sometimes have trouble getting them into words. Those times get my mind racing back. Pretty soon I'm daydreaming about a certain time or place and who I was with. Sometimes it's food or candy, sometimes it's a vacation other times just living life. Us Babyboomers grew up in such a great time, it's just fun to remember and reminisce. My Dad has always been a great story teller, I guess I get the urge to share my life with others like he always has. Thanks for "listening".

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