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Saturday, August 13, 2011

We thought today we would talk about the Kenosha County Fair which begins in just a few days. Opening day is August 17 and runs through August 21. This is one of the summer events I look forward to all summer. There is so many different events going on that the whole family can enjoy. Plus it is an affordable way for the whole family to enjoy the day.

Ticket Prices are very reasonable

• Free – kids under 7
• $4.00 - kids 8 -11
• $8.00 - adults 12 and up
• $5.00 – Senoirs 62 plus only on Wednesday 8/17

Admission Fees Include All Activities for the entire day except for the carnival and the IRA racing on Saturday night.
Fair opens at 8:00 and closes at midnight. You will be amazed at how fast your day will go.

So what is there to do at the fair ? Plenty ! Although every year there are new events added you can always count on some of your favorites every year.

Kids love the Carnival Rides and the games.

What really nice is that the have the location of the rides in two separate locations. There is the main drag which if full of rides more geared to adults and older kids. Then not far away is a section for all the kiddie rides. It's makes it a much safer environment for the little ones. There is even wrist band days where you pay one low price to ride as many rides as your stomach can handle.

Those carnival games are a parents nightmare. How many times I heard " Please mom just one more dollar, I know I can win that huge teddy bear " and many dollar later they come walking away with a 3 inch teddy bear instead of the 3 foot teddy bear.

Then of course there is the judging. Many are at the fair to show off their pride and joy. Whether is is for their animals, arts and crafts, sewing projects or foods.
My favorite is the flowers. It amazes me to see all those beautiful flowers as I don't have a green thumb and can kill a flower just by looking at it.

Then of course you have the shows and entertainment. They have many different show and activities throughout the day. One of my favorites is the pig races.

You can't help but laugh at these little guys. More than once the gates have been opened and you are waiting for the race to begin and they just stand there looking around at everyone. If you aren't into pig races that's ok as there are many other shows to watch. Whether you want magic, log craving, tracker pulls or music concerts.
For a list of dates and times for all events here is the daily schedule.

One of the best things about the fair is the variety of great eats. Check back tomorrow as we will be chatting about all the great food and sweet treats.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Black Jack Gum is back but only for a limited time so hurry and buy yours today. Adams makers of the Black Jack Gum only brings it out every 3 - 5 years. It is one of those old time candies that is here today , gone tomorrow.

This licorice flavored gum has been around since 1884 and is one of the most popular when it comes to old time gum. It has a sweet licorice flavor and is black in color.It is the first come that came on in stick form.

Although no matter how good this gum tastes it also serves out purposes then just for chewing. It has helped to sooth a soar throat, helps to freshen breath and is a great aid for upset stomachs.

If you have been searching for you favorite gum, now is the time to buy it. Once we sell out , which we are selling very quickly it will be off the market again for a few years. On the bright side once you buy it you don't have to worry about eating it all quickly as it has a shelf life for about a year.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011
Summertime is all about getting out and playing. There seems to be an unlimited number of things to do in the summer. Any given weekend there are Church festivals, county fairs, ethnic fests, and carnivals set up in shopping mall parking lots. Small towns shut down entire sections of there town to host the vendors that provide food, fun, and goods that make these festivals worth attending. We have been to no less than six festivals this year and we haven't even gotten to the three county fairs around us or the big Kahunas, the State Fair and Summerfest in Milwaukee - The world's largest music festival right here in Wisconsin. We have our favorite events that we look forward to every summer and plan our other activities around them.

As an adult my favorites of these are the festivals. Whether it is a Church festival or an Ethnic festival, the draw for me is the food! We have many churches in our area with Italian background. Needless to say the food is outrageous. Grilled Italian sausage and peppers, pizza, fried ravioli, and the meatballs. For dessert there is always Italian cookies, cannoli, and fried dough. The Greek and Italian fests are great also. Food, drink, live music and fireworks. What else could we ask for?

As a kid, now that's a whole different story. It was all about the rides and the games! However we always made time for the roasted corn by the local JayCees, the fresh dairy chocolate milk shakes, and of course some cotton candy. We learned early on to get in on the rides first, corn on the cob and milkshakes aren't good to be enjoyed before the rock-o-plane, the scrambler, or the tilt-a-whirl. Shake up the system, THEN eat. Not vice versa.

For a few months every year before the county fair came to our town in late July, I would be saving money by doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. All funds were earmarked for the fair. My Dad always threw in for the cost of admission and a little extra for food. "Mans gotta eat" he'd tell me. My cash stash was for the rides and games, Grandpa called them clip joints. "Just takin' a hard working boy's money" he'd add, but he still gave me a buck or so for the cause. Opening day would arrive and me and my buddies would be waiting at the gate for the opening. Usually about 9 or 10 hours later we would be dragging ourselves home after a completely exhausting day of fun. I actually remember getting scolded by my Dad for running through the entire $8.00 that I took there. I should have left half of it home for the next day. Wow! Times have changed.

Sooo... For a few days out of the upcoming week or so, we are going to highlight these events here on our blog. We'll be sharing memories of the good times from our childhoods, our children's times, and some of the more recent years. Maybe you'll relate to some of our recollections and share your stories and comments with us here also.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am not sure how many people are aware that there is a day dedicated just for S’mores. August 10 is considered national s’mores day. A favorite treat that you will find most campers eating.

S’mores chocolaty crunchy treats date way back to the 1920’s. Many believe that the girl scouts were the first to come up with this treat, however it is said that they were first created by the campfire girls. Campfire girls now called Camp Fire USA was a youth organization started back in 1910 which had camping and outdoor activities for just girls. The girl scouts quickly took over this camp side tradition.

I always wondered how they came up with such a name. It is said that once these got popular everyone would ask for “ some more” hence the name S’mores. Not only are the fun to eat, but they are easy to make with a few simple ingredients.

• A box of graham crackers
• A bag of marshmallows
• Original Hershey bars

If you can toast a marshmallow you can make S’ mores. Here is the traditional way of making them.

• First break your graham cracker in half
• Then place a half of Hershey bar on one half – if you are a chocolate lover put another Hershey bar half on the other cracker.
• Now toast your marshmallow until it is golden brown
• Add the toasted marshmallow (careful it’s hot) on your cracker
• Add the top of your cracker until the chocolate is somewhat melted
• Now sit back and enjoy your treat

For those who really want their chocolate to be melted you can also assemble your S’mores, wrapped them in foil and place the foil pack on the grates of the grill. Your chocolate will definitely be oozing. Caution making them this way they get very hot. If you try this method just be careful not to burn your treat, your fingers or your mouth.

If you get a craving for your favorite camp side treat in the middle of winter no problem . You can also make them in the microwave or oven.

Kraft came out with a new marshmallow specially for making S’mores. They are a flatter marshmallow that works get for S’mores. We tried these this year, however they are very hard to toast . Personally for making them over the campfire or grill I would recommend using the regular marshmallows, but if you are making them in the oven or microwave these would be perfect.

We hope everyone will celebrate today by making S’mores. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet gooey chocolate treat. Post your favorite S'mores story and be entered in a drawing to win the makings for S'mores. One winner will be pick randomly. We will supply the ingredients all you need to supply is the fire. Enter today through 8/15/11 for a chance to win.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Did you know that super ropes licorice is the number one selling candy found at sporting events, skating rinks, county fairs and even video stores. Where ever you find fun you will find super ropes. What's not to like you get 34 inches of a soft and chewy licorice rope.

The first super ropes came out in 1955, however back then they were slightly different then today's version that came out in 1970. When these were first available they were unwrapped and only came out in black licorice. Today's super ropes are wrapped to guarantee freshness and is available in rollin red flavor along with black, however the red is the number one seller.

Candy manufacturers come and go. Candy recipe's are sold and changed throughout the years. Super ropes have always been and still are being made by the American Licorice Company still using the same process they started with in the 50's. I guess their theory is why mess with a good thing.

These ropes of licorice has two distinctive features:

• Super ropes have a smooth texture where most are twisted

• They are a solid licorice not hollow

But did you know that they are made from the same recipe that Red Vines Licorice are made from? Yep that's right one may be a rope the other a twisted licorice, but both have the same great flavor.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with super ropes depending where you purchase them the average retail price is anywhere from $1.25 - $2.50. That's pretty reasonable plus with them being 34 inches parents can buy one rope for the kids to share.

Not only do that taste good, they are also:

• 100% Fat Free

• They have no preservatives

• Low Sodium

• Made In The U.S.A.

So where did you buy your super ropes ? Baseball game, skating rink or convenience store ? Post a comment and let us know.

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