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Wednesday, June 1, 2011
An incredible, delicious gift idea, nostalgic candy baskets are especially nice for dads who have everything they want or need already. Let’s face it, dads probably receive a lot of unwanted gifts over the years – items that take up space and add to the clutter that accumulates over the year. When you present an edible gift on Father’s Day (a classic car gift box filled with retro candies or a nostalgic candy basket filled with treats from the past), the special guy in your life doesn’t have to moan and groan while he considers where to put his newest gift.

If you are looking for a great gift for your dad for Father’s Day, why not consider a vintage car gift box filled with delicious candies? After all, what man doesn’t appreciate a hot car? Our classic car gift boxes are crafted from heavy-duty cardboard that is easily folded to take the shape of a cool 1958 red Chevy Corvette Convertible, pink 1956 Ford T Bird Classic, 1956 Ford Thunderbird, or 1956 Chevy Bel Air.

A vintage car gift box filled with nostalgic candies offers a double hit of pleasure for the man who has it all. You can provide your father with a mini-trip down memory lane as he munches retro candy and looks over this mini-replica of a popular hot rod!

Dads all over the world enjoy the sweet taste of old-time candies that bring up memories from their past, allowing them to feel like a kid again. What dad doesn’t want to feel a bit younger than he is? With nostalgic candy gift baskets, a handyman toolbox or classic car gift boxes, you can give your special guy a trip down memory lane that will make this Father’s Day a special one.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011
The weather is turning warmer, the grass is green and needs cutting, the school year is winding down. It must be getting close to vacation time! Some of the best times that I had as a kid were the all too short trips to the lake or camping or to the cabins. How can one short week out of all the those years be set so vividly in our memory? I just passed the half century mark in my life, but there are little moments that are so clear in my mind they seem like yesterday. Why? Well, events, places, and who we spend them with are all factors. Take a great place, add in in a super event being shared with a special person or group, and there you have it, a lifelong memory.

My Father is 83 years old and has Alzheimer's. He doesn't remember most of the time what he had for lunch or when the last time was that we visited him, but he does remember when him and I went fishing in 1966 and what fish I caught and what my reaction was to it. It must have been as spectacular for him as it was for me. My wife and I have always tried to provide those memory making moments for our kids. Some times it's just a trip to the park on a warm afternoon. A quick weekend getaway. Other times it's a full blown, pull out all the stops family vacation.

When I was a kid, our family had a favorite spot in Northern Wisconsin that we would spend a week every summer. They were log cabins that were built around the turn of the century that were really crude (see no indoor plumbing) but they were great. They sat on the Wisconsin River, great fishing memories, and I didn't really care for fishing. But, it was something that I did with my Dad and my Cousins, in a great place, so it was fun. No swimming pools, no TV or video games, no phones, no amusement rides, just some old log cabins, a couple of rowboats, and a lot of river. We always had a blast. Down the road from the cabins was a small inland lake that we would go to occasionally because they had a beach, not much of a beach on the river, the water came right up to the grass. To go to the beach though meant I needed supplies. So after pleading my case, we would head into to town to procure some snacks, candy, and of course a new sand pale, shovel, and sifter. The tools necessary for building sand castles, and snacks and candy for energy needed for the construction process. These trips were the inspiration for our soon to come "Back to the Beach" gift basket. A neat little sand pale and shovel set loaded with old time candy and even a toy.

It's funny the things we remember and how we rate them in terms of fondness. Some of the simplest things are often the most special. Making great memories for our kids has always been so important to us, maybe because of all the time that our jobs and business has demanded of us, we wanted to make sure our kids didn't get short changed. Now that our kids are grown, I find myself quizzing them at times about their childhood memories, just want to make sure. 

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