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Saturday, April 16, 2011
Green grass, birds chirping and leaves budding on the trees. This can only mean one thing....Baseball. Very few things bring joy to so many people as the start of the baseball season. Well what about Santa? Surely he brings joy to people. Santa brings joy to entire continents for a month at a time. True, but Ken Griffey Jr, Gary Sheffield and Frank Thomas bring that level of excitement for six months straight. Does ESPN replay Santa's sleigh ride three times a night during the holiday season? Hardly.

Let's rewind then back to the summer of 1995. Growing up in Wisconsin every free minute of the spring and summer was consumed following the Milwaukee Brewers. In '95, with the departure of the Yount and Molitor leaving a gaping hole in my dream line up, I still had BJ Surhoff working the infield at County Stadium.  Even the classic Brewers logo changed for the first time in my lifetime causing me to have to replace all of my jerseys and hats. What is a twelve year old boy to do when everything he knows about baseball suddenly changes???

Enter Big League Chew. Even if you weren't a gum chewer any other time of the year, you always had a handful for baseball season. What were your other options? Not the little piece of plastic that came with the fresh deck of baseball cards you had to get to stay current with the new season. That was a good way to chip a tooth while spreading your new cards out on your bed. Praying to Babe Ruth that you got a new foil card, but sometimes only coming away with a Cubs player that you'll trade off to a friend on the playground tomorrow. What did Big League Chew have in store for us this year? A championship ring, that's what. For the low, low price of only three UPC codes (plus shipping & handling), you could have your very own championship ring like the pros wear! The baseball diamonds around the neighborhood were buzzing with excitement. "What teams are you getting?" and "Maybe Chipper Jones will deliver it himself".

After a whole lot of work to convince my mom that I needed all three packs at once she finally gave in. I couldn't just buy one at a time. Who knows how long that could have taken. Fortunately I was going away to camp for three days so I assured her I would share with the rest of the guys in my cabin. Little did I know that three pouches of Big League Chew would take up what seemed to be a one gallon ziplock bag. That's a lot of grape gum. Almost too much to fit in to my back pack. So we clipped the UPCs and sent them of to Big League Chew. Then I waited for what seemed like a decade. The entire time I spent at camp I kept chewing and thinking about the rings that would almost certainly be waiting for me at hope. Sure enough, when I returned home with a sore jaw from handfuls of grape goodness, my rings were waiting.

An unassuming brown paper envelope held every sixth grade boy's dream....

Opening it up I instantly knew how the pros felt every October.  I was now in the same great company as the Yankees, Braves, Red Soxs...but thankfully not the Cubs. The gold shined so bright you almost had to smear that black paint on you cheeks to keep the sun from blinding you. Everywhere I went that summer my championship rings followed. To this day I'll still pick up a pack of Big League Chew to keep in my desk at work for those days when the summer seems too short or work too long. Especially when those Cubbies come to town... The simple smell of that shredded, sugary, bubble-blowing gum brings me back to when the summers were still free and baseball players were my heroes.

All of this reminiscing came about when I read that Ford Gum bought the right from Wrigley and is moving the production of this American icon back to the USA.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Who says Easter Egg hunts are just for Kids ? O'Ryans Village is having their first online Easter egg hunt. Winner gets a free Easter Basket. Its not only easy but fun. The Easter Egg hunt will begin on 4/11/11 and end on 4/13/11. The eggs will be placed by noon CST on 4/11/11. All entries must be received by 9:00 PM CST on 4/13/11.

All you have to do is search through our old time nostalgic candy pages to find the hidden eggs. We have hidden 26 eggs though out our candy store that look like this.

Once you find all the eggs you must email us at
O'Ryans Village. In the subject line put Easter Egg Hunt and then list the pages you found the eggs on.

One lucky winner will receive one of our great Easter baskets.

How great would that be to win a free Easter Basket ? We can ship the Easter basket to you or any recipient of your choice in the continental United States with a personal gift message included.

For the full guidelines please read the following page http://www.oryans.com/easter-egg-hunt.html

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Monday, April 11, 2011
Whether you are looking to create a masterpiece filled with an attractive display of nostalgic and modern-day Easter candy or you simply want to put together an inexpensive basket filled with a few basic styles of Easter candy, shopping online is probably the easiest way to find all of the holiday candies that you want to include. You can even create a themed Easter basket with relative ease.

Today’s candy manufacturers have created every type of candy you could possibly want from chocolate-covered delights to marshmallow bunnies to sour candies to solid chocolates to candy-filled morsels to candy-filled plastic shapes to gourmet candies. It’s easy to find a style of candy to please everyone! If you need a little help, why not consider our fabulous Handyman Gift Basket for the man in your life?

Themed Easter Baskets for Adults

While this might seem like a silly idea, themed Easter baskets are actually kind of clever. If you think back to your childhood, then you are going to remember that you actually did prefer the hollow chocolate rabbit over the hollow chocolate chicken, or maybe you preferred the Peep chicks over the Peep rabbits. Who didn’t have a favorite type of Easter animal? The easiest way to create a themed Easter basket is to pick either bunnies or chicks and to simply buy all of your Easter candy in those shapes.

Of course, you can also create a color-themed basket that includes candies of all one color. Plus, you have the option to add a few non-candy items in your Easter basket to make your own theme. For example, you can purchase some old-time, nostalgic candies and include prepaid movie tickets to go along with them. Bite-size candies such as Easter Candy Dots, Sugar Babies, Lifesavers Gummy Bunnies & Eggs, or Pastel Junior Mints are perfect for a movie-themed basket.

Tips for Arranging Your Easter Basket

When you change the Easter grass each year, it’s a nice idea to try and match the color to the Easter candies that you are planning to place into the basket.

Sprinkle the smaller candies in between the larger candy items. A few brightly colored jelly beans, Speckled Robin’s Eggs, or M & M’s can fill in the gaps easily while adding more color.

Keep in mind whether the person you are creating the basket for prefers the fruit flavored or the spicy variety of jelly beans, so you buy the right ones.

For adults who love nostalgic Easter candies, think about including any of the following Easter candies: Trolli Gummy Bunnies, Wonka Hoppin Nerds Easter Candy, Wonka Sweet Tart Gummy Bunnies, or Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bunnies.

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