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Friday, March 18, 2011

We have a great selection of Easter Baskets filled with your favorite Easter Candies. Whether you are looking for Easter Baskets for kids or Easter Baskets for Adults you will find what you are looking for. We even have personalized Easter Basket to fit your needs.

Our selection of children's Easter baskets are hard to beat. Cute baskets at great prices shipped right to your door. Choose from baskets or plastic pails with bunnies or chicks on them. Not only will your little bunny have a basket full of candy, but when it is gone they will also have a pail to carry their favorite toys around. Not only do you get a great selection of candy but many of our Easter baskets have a stuffed animal and toys.

We also carry Easter Baskets geared more for adults. Let's face it whether we like to admit it or not we too like to get a basket full of candy on Easter morning. We have a great deluxe Easter Basket that is packed full of nothing but your favorite Easter candy . Solid chocolate bunnies, chocolate easter eggs, cadbury eggs , mini eggs and so much more.

Just think how happy your mom , sister, dad, aunt or anyone would be to have a surprise gift delivered to their door. Check our our Classic Easter basket not only does it have fun Easter Candy in it, but you also get some nostalgic candy. You will find a selection of candy from your childhood, some of your favorite candy you ate when you were kids. Who wouldn't want to find some old time favorites like hot dog gum, necco wafers, mary janes, a candy necklace or candy buttons ? This gift basket will take you for a walk down memory lane, what better way to spend the holiday with that someone special that lives miles away.

If you have something special in mind we can do personalize Easter baskets for you. Just let us know what you want and we can make it up special for you no problem.

All of our Easter gift baskets are made to order to guarantee freshness. Each basket is wrapped in a gift bag with a bow and you can add your own gift message.
Buy all your Easter baskets at O'Ryans Village and have them delivered right to your door, your recipient will be very pleased.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

If you are looking for some fun Novelty Easter candy for filling your Easter Baskets we can help. O'Ryans Village as a lot of fun Easter candy that kids love finding in their Easter Baskets.

Of course you have to start with a package of marshmallow peeps, Easter isn't Easter if you don't have peeps. Also another must have Easter basket candy are the pez dispensers. We also have fun Easter Bunny Glo Popcifier suckers. These are so cool you get a bunny sucker that lights up. These will delight the younger kids.

Bubble Gum Eggs are also fun to find your Easter Baskets. We have a carton of bubble gum eggs that has 12 gum balls and comes in a resealable carton. Or how about a plastic carrot filled with fruit flavored bubble gum eggs. The carrot top is removable so you can refill them next year. These carrots are also fun to hide along with your Easter Eggs.

Don't forget the bunny teeth. Just picture you little bunny hopping around with some of these in their mouth. Kids love the candy bunny teeth, they are similar to wax lips. Wear them, chew them , eat them , they are so much fun. For those that like gummy candy we also gummy bunny teeth. A great tasting fruit flavor gummy in the shape of bunny teeth.

These are just a few of the must have Easter Basket candies you will find in our store. Not only to we have Novelty Easter treats, but also we also have the classics.
Stop and in browse our selection. We are confident you will find what you need.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

O'Ryans Village carries a full line of Easter Candy . Whether you are looking for sweet treats for your candy dish, to hand out at class room parties, Easter Basket candy or just some goodies to eat. We have a large selection to please every body.

Take your pick from everyone's favorite Chocolate Easter Candy. We have Hershey chocolate bunnies, Cadbury mini eggs, Cadbury creme eggs, Cadbury Caramel eggs or Brach's chocolate bunnies. You won't go wrong when choosing any of these Easter treats. You can buy them buy the box if you needs are large or if you want a few no problem you can also buy them by the single piece.

Willy Wonka is known for it's unusually candies. They have a great line of Easter Candy which is a spin off of many of their everyday candies. Gobstopper Egg Breakers are just like gobstoppers; small color changing jaw breakers, these are just in the shape of eggs. Then you have the runts freckled eggs, these are like the fruit runts, however instead of being in the shape of fruit they are eggs with freckles on them. Wonka also has sweet tart ducks, chicks and bunnies, gummy bunnies, sweet tart jelly beans and bumpy nerds jelly beans. All this yummy Wonka Easter Candies are a favorite of kids.

If you are hoping to find some chocolate bunnies and eggs we have just about every variety you could possibly want. You can select from mini bunnies, fudge filled bunnies, bunnies filled with butter creme or double crisp bunnies. We have chocolate easter eggs filled with either caramel, peanut butter or fudge. Our top selling eggs are the butter creme filled eggs and the cookies and creme.

Brach's is known for their Easter Candies. Pick your favorite classic's. Bunny Basket Eggs, Chicks and Rabbits, Pastel Bunny Corn, Jelly Bean Nougats and of course Jelly Beans. Brach's candy is now owned and manufactured by Farleys and Sather's , the company was purchased in 2007. The are one of the leading confectionery companies for non-chocolate candies in the US.

Grab your Easter Basket and hop your way through our delicious line of Easter Candy. Whether you are looking for chocolate, gummy, novelty, sweet or sour you will find what ever Easter Basket Candy you are searching for.

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