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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marshmallow peeps by Just Born Candy Company are the top selling non chocolate Easter candy for more then 20 years now. Chewy sugar coated marshmallow in the shape of chicks and ducks. Yellow chicks were the first color , however they now come in a variety of different colors.

Although peeps were originally just and Easter candy, they have now come out in different varieties for all the holidays. You can get heart shaped ones for Valentine's Day, Pumpkins and Ghosts for Halloween and Trees and snowmen for Christmas. The just recently added chocolate covered peeps and sugar free peeps to their line.

Just born acquired the peeps candy line in 1953 and has been making the marshmallow peeps ever since.

Here are some fun facts about peeps you probably didn't know.

It took 27 hours to make just one peep from start to finish, in the beginning they were made with a pastry tube. Thank goodness for modern technology as now it only takes 6 minutes to make a peep. Just born turns out 2 million peeps a day.

The preferred way to eat peeps are head first 60 % of peep lovers eat them this way. 40 % stretch the neck first then eat them. 10 % claim they eat the whole peep at onceā€¦. No one admits to eating the belly or the butts first, but then again i wouldn't either.

Fresh , Stale or Hot ? Which is your favorite way to eat a peep ? Although the majority of peeps are consumed when the are fresh , 19 % eat them when they are stale and 11 % eat them frozen. Have you ever tried them in hot chocolate ? 10 % of peep lovers at them to their hot chocolate and say it is simply delicious.

Some even microwave peeps. I have never tried this method of eat peeps, but those who do say they are delicious. There is a technique to doing this . When you microwave your peeps we warned the can grow up to 5 times their size for chewy , goody fun, however if they are left in too long you have one huge sticky mess to clean up.

Whats your favorite color ? Yellow and whites peeps were the first colors available in peeps and Yellow is still the number seller followed by pink. They are also available in lavender, blue, green and orange.

There are enough peeps made in one year that you could circle the earth twice with them. If you stand the peep bunnies on top of one another it would take 8000 of these little guys to reach the tops of the sears tower.

I have been a lover of peeps ever since I can remember, however here is a fun fact that I don't recall. At one time the chicks had wings. 1991 was the first year they began making peeps without the wings.

Although peeps are found in more then 60% of the Easter baskets, you may be surprise to know that more then 51 million adults admit to be addicted to peeps.

So now you know probably more then you can to know about Easter Peeps. Which ever color peep you like, what ever way you eat your peeps just remember they are only available for the holidays to stock up so you have enough to last till next time around.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Can anyone remember back to a day when almost every neighborhood kid had a clubhouse or fort? While some clubhouses had special handshakes and passwords that gained you entrance, others required a special admittance fee. Perhaps it was the secrecy surrounding membership in the club and maybe it was simply the anticipation of the sweet, sugary goodness that would pile up on the clubhouse floor, but whatever it was, candy time during clubhouse meetings was certainly one of the highlights. From Gummy Worms to Necco wafers to Jujubes to Charms Sweet-and-Sour Pops, any and all forms of candy were always welcome at the clubhouse!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cadbury Mini Eggs are a favorite Easter Candy. A milk chocolate shaped egg with a crispy pastel candy shell. What's not to like about these ? There are many chocolate candies on the market at Easter time, but you won't find one as delicious as these.

These bite size eggs make a great sweet treat. Upon putting one in your mouth and biting through the candy coated shell you will hit the creamy milk chocolate part of the egg. Let me tell you this is one of the most delicious chocolates around. It's creamy taste and texture will just melt in your mouth. These little eggs are very addicting it is hard to eat just one.

Mini Cadbury eggs were first produced in 1967. In the United Kingdom they are produced by the Kraft Company, however in the US they are under the Hershey name. I guess that explains the great chocolate flavor. Unfortunately these are only available a few months out of the year. How great would it be if could get these all year long ?

These are perfect to put in your Easter Baskets, Candy Bowls or use for you holiday baking. Not only do they taste good, but they are pretty to look at too. If you have never tried the mini eggs it is time that you do. Don't let the size fool you they may big call mini , however ever they have a big taste.

You can purchase your mini eggs in a single 1.5 oz bag or for those of you who are addicted you can purchase a whole box. You get 24 little bags of sweetness. Stock up now as we sell out fast.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cadbury Creme eggs are a milk chocolate egg with a fondant filling that is yellow and white looking just like a real eggs. Don't let the looks fool you they taste nothing like a real eggs. The creamy milk chocolate eggs will melt in your mouth once you bite in them and get to the gooey insides there is a sweet satisfying taste.

These chocolate eggs are one of the most purchased chocolate candies for the Easter season with over 200 million sold. That's a lot of creme eggs seeing they are only available from January through April.

These creme eggs as we know them today were not available in the states until 1971. The first Cadbury eggs were made in the Uk by the Cadbury brothers and were available in the early 1920's. Today these eggs are manufactured in the United Kingdom by Kraft company, but in the USA they are manufactured by Hershey's.

Most people think that the eggs are made in one piece then the filling is added. You may be surprise to know that they are made in two pieces. The chocolate is molded in two separate sections. The fondant is then added, the white filling is added both half of shells , then the yellow is added. Once the yellow is added the two halves are quickly placed together and cooled. The egg then bonds together.

O'Ryans Village sells your favorite eggs either by the box, which you get 48 creme eggs or you can purchase them just one egg at a time.
We also have Cadbury caramel eggs, a delicious caramel filled egg and of course everyone's favorite mini eggs. With them being only available for a few months through out the year they sell out very fast. Get your's today before they are gone.

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