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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Well now that Christmas is over it is time to start thinking Valentine's Day. A day to spend time with your sweetie and let them know just how sweet they are. We can help with that, pick from our great selection of Valentine's Day Candy.

Heart shaped candy of course is the number one selling candy at this time of year. Whether you are looking for chocolate hearts, brachs candy hearts,  gummy hearts or sweet tart hearts . We have heart shaped candy including suckers everywhere we look.

But don't forget old time nostalgic candy also makes great gifts for your special Valentine. Let him just just how much you love him with a box of sugar daddy suckers. A great gift for her is a tub of chocolate ice cubes. After all we know how much us women loves our chocolates. If this is the first year for you and your Valentine a pucker up candy gift basket would be perfect. A basket full of nothing but sour candies.

Kids of course love candy no matter what it is. Some of our top sellers are Wonka gummy sweet tarts, chocolate lips, Jolly Rancher heart shaped suckers,  sweet tart hearts or dots valentine candy. No matter what you choose as long as it is candy they will love it.

Shop early while the section is good, you don't want to be one of those last minute shoppers running around on February 14 looking for a gift for your sweetie. 

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