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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gummy body parts are one of our top sellers of Halloween candy for kids. They love receiving any kind of gross or spooky candy for Halloween. Although the thought of eating gummy eyeballs or fingers is pretty gross they actually taste pretty good. After all what kid do you know that doesn't like a gummy candy. There are  7 different styles of gummies per bag.

You will find
  • Gummy Eyeballs
  • Gummy Fingers
  • Gummy Brains
  • Gummy Nose
  • Gummy Teeth
  • Gummy Fangs
  • Gummy Ears
We have many different varieties of these gummy body parts to choose from depending on your needs.
Whether you are looking for something for your Halloween Party, a halloween candy to hand out to your trick or treaters, or just something fun to give to your nieces, nephews, grand kids or friends.

There is a cardboard coffin filled with gummy body parts that would be great for your parties. Just open the box and place on the table  and you are ready to go. Each coffin has an assortment of 90 pieces of gummy candy all individually wrapped.  You will find not only kids munching on these , but also adults.

Our body parts also come in a mini coffin. With these you will get an assortment of 15 body parts. These are a perfect Halloween gift for anyone that loves gummi candy. Not only do you get some fun Halloween candy, but also the kids love playing with the cardboard coffin when the candy is gone.

We also sell them in a bag. You will still and a variety of different body parts all individually wrapped. Each bag has 22 pieces of chewy fruity fun.

Although there is 7 different styles of gummy body parts you may not get an equal amount in each bag.

Oryans Village has a wide variety of Halloween  candy to choose from. Whether you are looking for gross items like gummi boogers, body parts or  gummi rats we can help you out.  Pick from traditional candy corn or fun novelties like sweet tart skeletons, pumpkins suckers,  chocolate eyeballs or plastic skulls filled with sugar.  We have all your treats to help make your  Halloween a spooky success.

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