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Friday, September 2, 2011
Yep, Politicians are even divided on candy at times. I don't know if it's split down party lines or just personal preferences. Celebrities of all types are often quite open about their favorite candy. Now I don't have any specific news stories to cite, but there have been several news reports and essays written on the candy and snack cravings of the the rich and famous. We have even fulfilled orders for some famous peeps. Pardon the pun. Let me run down a few for you.

  • Former President Ronald was a well known Jelly Bean craver. His favorites were Jelly Belly. Not known exactly what flavors, but I would take him as a straight forward old fashion jelly bean guy. Maybe like butterscotch, cherry and orange.
  • News reports circulated at one time that we almost lost 'ol George W. to a popcorn mishap, only to be saved by his trusty canine? Maybe it was even carmel corn. Dodged a bullet there W.
  • First hand report here. We sent a big tub of Red Vines Licorice on orders from a posh European hotel once to none other than Madonna. I understand that Red Vines are a requirement wherever she stays. There concierge store must have been out of stock. O'Ryans Village had them. Our list of celebrity customers also includes Eddie Murphy and Jerry Bruckheimer.
  • Now Michael J. Fox is political, but not a politician. His role in the 80's sitcom Family Ties as Alex P. Keaton was that of a staunch Republican. Ironically his favorite candy are Circus Peanuts, also favorite food of the GOP mascot? Hmmm.
  • Robin Williams is bonkers about Bazooka Bubble Gum, or just plain bonkers maybe. Some of the characters he's portrayed even resembles Bazooka Joe. I wonder if he read my post on Great Bubble Gums from a few weeks ago?
  • Another former President, Bill Clinton gets a hankering for Paydays quite often. Let me clarify, Payday salted nut and caramel candy bars. He says he craves a crunchy, chewy, sweet thing once in awhile. Sorry Bill, we prefer Pearson's Salted Nut Rolls.
  • Tom Hanks is quite fond of Boston Baked Beans. Just good solid candy there, don't know that I would expect anything different than that from him. Although I do recall him tearing into a box of chocolates in one of his flicks.
  • And Finally we have Alan Alda. It's said the he favors Black Licorice Bites. He's never pushed any certain brand or type. They just have to be sweet, chewy, and a little bitter. Sounds a bit dramatic to me.
There you have it. A peek into the lives of the famous. Push the power and millions aside and we find that they share the same favorite candies and snacks as the rest of us. Hopefully I haven't ruined it for you and your carmel corn. 

Thanks for reading and Have a Sweet Day!

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by: O'Ryans Village


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