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Thursday, September 1, 2011
You know for years the powers that be have been discussing year-round school. Some areas of the country have even adopted such plans. How successful ? I don't know. Nobody's getting excited about back to school time, that's for sure. Mom keeps asking, "When do you go back?", "When's THIS break over with", "Do you need pencils, or notebooks, or cellphones or something soon?". Sounds confusing. Most places still deal with the traditional school year. Having most of June, July, and August off to drive Mom crazy.

Our schools reconvened Yesterday. I am one of the lucky ones who has to endure about 10 blocks of my morning commute passing one of the High Schools. I commute about 35 miles in the morning with the High School being just off the beginning of my drive, get past those 10 blocks, and the other 34 miles are a piece of cake. Onto the interstate, through 8 miles of bumper to bumper construction traffic, toll booths, 80 mile an hour idiots, past a shopping mall and amusement park, 8 lane road past a 5000 employee pharmaceutical and lab complex, stuffed down into 2 lanes of "Urban City" traffic waiting for a train and I'm there. Piece of cake. All that, and all I think of every morning is "How can I detour myself around the High School without going out of my way?" Good thing that on the opposite corner of the High School is the Police department's favorite donut and coffee stop. I think they're there on purpose.

So to precede this annual event, preparations must be made! Just remember Mom, you don't have to ask what they need, they will tell you. The kids will tell you all the really important things that they need for back to school. Not pencils or notebooks or slide rules, but the really important things. Stylish clothes and shoes, cellphones, laptops, and iPods. Now it's your job to get the other important things. You know, the stuff they need to get passing grades, stay safe, and be nourished. Things they don't think about until they need them. All the Big Box stores like Target and Best Buy and Office Max will tell you or better yet, sing to you, what your kids need, you'll be sure not to miss a single detail.

 O'Ryans Village is a little more low key. We lay out a real easy to navigate store full of great little surprises that you remember as a kid. Get the kids off to school, grab your beverage, and type in www.oryans.com, pick out what you like, notice the 7% back-to-school offer on the home page (coupon code school11), add it to the cart, and submit it. One of our friendly staff will pack it up, send it off, and it'll be at your door before you know it.

Here's a few suggestions from some other Moms:

The 7% is for you, not them. They already got all the really important things thanks to you.

Stash your little cache of goodies for your time. And Have A Sweet Day!

by: O'Ryans Village


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