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Saturday, September 3, 2011
"It just won't be the same" I heard rattling around in my head. When i read the story on Yahoo! News. Labor Day weekend just won't be the same without Jerry Lewis, Jerry's Kids, all the stars, the Firefighters marching across the stage with boots full of money for MDA. Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Chicago. There all going to be a little quieter towns this year without the MDA Telethon buzzing around the "Love Network".

How many times over the years have we said to ourselves, "It just won't be the same"? Fact is, things from our past are continuously disappearing. Things that hold fond memories for us, like TV shows , friends, and even places. The stores or malls that we hung out at close up or worse yet get torn down. Things change and we move on and find new things that become fond memories.

I used to sit with my Mom on Labor Day weekend watching Jerry Lewis and his guests put on the show to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We would be getting 5 star entertainment for 21 1/2 hours. Never once during the show did he let us forget why he was there and why we were watching. He was always  there to help the kids afflicted with these deadly diseases. I waited for Mom to give me the OK to pick up the phone and pledge. I felt good and grown up. Little kids don't always feel like they're important or doing anything important, giving up my $3.00 allowance made me feel that I was doing something good. It made me feel lucky and blessed.

Some say that after Jerry and Dean Martin split up, he felt unimportant and unsuccessful. And he used the MDA to find higher fame for himself. Whatever the reasons, he helped make a horrible situation a lot better. Some people just can't let good a deed go unpunished. I'm afraid now that the fan fair is gone, the ones that will truly suffer are the kids that are already struggling with the day to day pitfalls of this disease. Hopefully someone of the new generation of celebrities will step up to the plate and make it their cause. No, It just won't be the same, but maybe it can still be good.

Click here and make a pledge to MDA.

Have a Sweet Day!

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