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Monday, August 22, 2011
The outdoor as we call it, has been the source of many good times for me as a child and later as a parent. The Outdoor, better known as the Drive-In theatre, is an American institution. It has been entertaining Americans for decades. Like all things, the experience has changed over the years. The fun and adventure remains.

A friend of ours was over at the house the other night and we mentioned "the Outdoor" and he replied, "What"? So we translated. I had to think for a moment of the term that he would understand. The drive in theatre I responded. You know, like in the Flinstones. Oh! He said and immediately began telling stories of his memories as a kid at the Drive-In. We talked for over an hour just about the outdoor. Swapping stories of some of the great times that we've had at the drive in.

As a kid growing up in the '60s, we made an event of it. Pillows, sleeping bag and pajamas, Mom knew I'd never make it through the whole night. The theatre we went to had a big playground and a mini ride on train that circled the property of the theatre. So we'd get there late afternoon and make a day of it. Mom would make some sandwiches to bring along being that we were sure to work up an appetite at the playground and the concession stand wasn't open yet.

We would get all settled back in the car at dusk, Dad would hang the speaker on his window, light the Pic mosquito coil up on the dash which was painted steel then, not textured leather and we were ready to go. Very seldom would I make it 30 minutes into the feature and I'd be begging for a trip to the concession stand. What a place! Burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and popcorn and every candy imaginable. Pizza, a coke, and usually a Chunky bar was my request.

Having times like those sure make for vivid memories and great stories. This is why we do what we do. We welcome your stories and comments anytime.

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