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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Did you know that super ropes licorice is the number one selling candy found at sporting events, skating rinks, county fairs and even video stores. Where ever you find fun you will find super ropes. What's not to like you get 34 inches of a soft and chewy licorice rope.

The first super ropes came out in 1955, however back then they were slightly different then today's version that came out in 1970. When these were first available they were unwrapped and only came out in black licorice. Today's super ropes are wrapped to guarantee freshness and is available in rollin red flavor along with black, however the red is the number one seller.

Candy manufacturers come and go. Candy recipe's are sold and changed throughout the years. Super ropes have always been and still are being made by the American Licorice Company still using the same process they started with in the 50's. I guess their theory is why mess with a good thing.

These ropes of licorice has two distinctive features:

• Super ropes have a smooth texture where most are twisted

• They are a solid licorice not hollow

But did you know that they are made from the same recipe that Red Vines Licorice are made from? Yep that's right one may be a rope the other a twisted licorice, but both have the same great flavor.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with super ropes depending where you purchase them the average retail price is anywhere from $1.25 - $2.50. That's pretty reasonable plus with them being 34 inches parents can buy one rope for the kids to share.

Not only do that taste good, they are also:

• 100% Fat Free

• They have no preservatives

• Low Sodium

• Made In The U.S.A.

So where did you buy your super ropes ? Baseball game, skating rink or convenience store ? Post a comment and let us know.

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