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Tuesday, August 30, 2011
When you own a small business there is always some job to do, usually because there is no one else to do it or no one else that wants to do it. So... You do it. One of the jobs that I like to do is candy reviews. Not that I'm an expert or anything, just I own a candy store and I like candy. So I take it upon myself to occasionally try something and let everyone know what I think of it. Definitely a perk of the job. Sometimes it's new, old, obscure, or reinvented.

Today I thought I would try out the reinvented or new if you rather, Slo Poke candy bar. It used to be a sucker, but that's changed for various reasons. Read my view on the New Black Cow Candy bar for those insights. So we go from a big 'ole sucker lollipop thing to a bar. All in all I think it's a good thing. So here I am, sitting at my desk, chewing on this delicious carmel candy bar, trying to be objective and type all at the same time, while attempting to keep the keyboard clean. Boy! This thing is good.

Now, I prefer the twist off a hunk method being that it's almost impossible to bite off a chunk. Pinch and twist off an end and drop it in your mouth. The Slo Poke is definitely caramel, where as the Black Cow is more of a taffy. This stuff is sticky. But oh so tasty. The Slo Poke also freezes well if you prefer  the crack it up style of enjoyment. The Slo Poke is more like the original sucker who's name it carries sans sucker stick, whereas the Black Cow is a great candy, just not a lot like it's original.

Enough of the side by side comparison, just had to know for myself. The New Slo Poke is a wonderfully reinvented old time candy. The foil wrapper sure does keep it nice and fresh compared to the old wax paper way. Classic Caramels is the manufacturer of Slo Poke just as the Black Cow is. The company has done a real nice job of taking a fabulous vintage candy and adding some modern touches to it to make it an even better treat.

I tested the Slo Poke in 3 different ways:

  • First I took a Slo Poke and threw it in the freezer overnight. Probably a bit much, a few hours will do. Then I cracked it against the counter firmly, but not wildly. The foil will tear I imagine. Upon opening the package, I had a zillion pieces (OK, not a zillion, but a lot) which I leisurely picked out a couple  at a time and rolled around the candy in my mouth until it was soft enough to chew. The flavor actually seemed to change as it went from cold to soft and chewy. Quite a sensation and it prolonged the fun factor.
  • Second method. Just tore another one open and proceeded with the pinch and twist style that I eluded to earlier. Pretty self explanatory. The rich flavor and texture is immediate gratification for the impatient types in the crowd. Just get right down to it. Outstanding.
  • Now the third method was a real stroke of genius if I do say so myself. Listen up. I was at the grocery store over the weekend and they had some pretty good looking Golden Delicious apples that had just a little blush to them. So I handpicked a few of the best ones and brought them home. So. I'm sitting here writing this review and it struck me like a lightning bolt. Caramel and apple? Where have I heard that before? I've got about half of this big Slo Poke left, it's getting all warm and soft in my hand. I set it down, head into the kitchen, and peel , seed, and quarter one of those rosy, Golden Delicious apples. Grabbed my my half of a Slo Poke left and wrapped a big piece of it around one of the apple pieces. Wow! Oh, and I took it a step further. How do you go further than that brainstorm? I reached over by the toaster and picked up the cinnamon sugar shaker and shook a bit of it on the next piece of apple, THEN, wrapped the Slo Poke around it! That's good enough for a regular, do it all the time treat, and maybe even to impress your friends. They'll give you an A+ for creativity. 
There you have it. Great candy, great ideas. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading, and Have a Sweet Day!

O'Ryans Village

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