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Sunday, August 28, 2011
To any of you who have been reading our blog lately knows that I've been kind of pushing the Seasons, Summer season that is. I'm such a fan of cooler weather that I've almost leapfrogged Labor Day in my mind and landed squarely into Autumn. My deepest apologies to all you Summer lovers out there.

So to be fair to all the Seasons, I thought I'd do a little post on Labor Day. Quite honestly, Labor Day is a pretty great Holiday. The weather is usually good, unlike poor Memorial Day who usually gets rained on. Spoiled BBQs, everyone crowded in the house and the men hanging out under an awning by the garage. Labor Day weather usually is good, all the flowers are at the peak of their glory, the lawn is like a big green carpet and the breeze carries the aroma of all the cookouts in the neighborhood mingling above everyone's yard.

Hosting the Labor Day festivities gets passed around the circuit of family and friends. We have in recent years gained in the family department. Our Sons are adults now and have the families of their wonderful women. Lucky for us, both families are super people and everyone gets along well and we enjoy each others company. So over the Holiday weekend we have gatherings at a variety of places. Everyone has fun and the weekend buzzes by.

The Labor Day Holiday is about just that, The labors of the American worker. It gives us a much deserved 3 day weekend, an extra day off for what we do to keep the wheels moving. It's our day and we choose to spend it camping, traveling, staying home at our castle sharing it with the ones who mean the most to us. It's almost like Thanksgiving in the summer time. Instead of Turkey and stuffing, it's brats, burgers, ribs, chicken and potato salad and baked beans.

Everyone brings something to the party to share. Mom's famous potato salad, maybe Aunt Lucille's odd desert that no one can describe but everyone loves. I make a pasta salad that gets requested every year. But being in the candy business we also have the duty to bring along some fun summertime candies. Gummy hot dogs, gummy hamburgers, and gummy soda pops are always expected by the kids when we arrive. They take them apart and reassemble before eating them. The Moms quite often hold the gummys and the candy hostage until after the real food is eaten.

We have all types of Summertime candy to share with your party. If you can't be there for the party, just click on www.oryans.com, order it up or give us a call and we'll send it to the party in your place.

Thanks for reading and Have a Sweet Day!

O'Ryans Village

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