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Friday, August 26, 2011
Every year in late Spring or early Summer we start monitoring the local temperatures of where our customers are ordering from. One of our customer's most popular choices is Chocolate Ice Cubes. Chocolate Ice Cubes melt somewhere around 75 degrees depending on exposure to direct sunlight and humidity. And nobody wants to buy, pay for, and wait for their delicious chocolate to arrive only to have it show up ruined from the heat. We don't like it either, unhappy customers and wasted money, not to mention ruined gourmet chocolates.

Many people sit in front of their computer screens dreaming about capturing some of their favorite treats and are ecstatic to find them in our store, not realizing the process that must occur for their treasures to arrive safely at their home. For a better understanding, follow me through the process.

When you hit the "place order" button, this is what happens in most cases.

- We get an email alert that a new order has been received. That's the exciting part for us!

- Your order appears in our order center control panel listing all the details of your order including shipping info, items ordered, your comments, gift messages etc. Giving us all the basics needed to fulfill your order.

- Every order is reviewed personally by a member of our staff to double check the particulars of your order, verify inventory to fulfill your order, and during this time of year, we check your local temperatures against what you have ordered.

- If everything checks out as explained above, the items you have ordered are pulled from stock and are placed in a shipping box with a copy of the packing slip for the order.

- If all systems are "GO", the order is double checked for accuracy and sealed up for shipping. Once the shipping method is determined, and there are no discrepancies with your order, your order receives the shipping label and is placed in the outgoing area and awaits carrier pick up.

- Usually that day or the next, depending on what time of day your order was placed, your order ships out.

- Now, we are located in the Chicago / Milwaukee area, so depending on where you live, your order will take 1-5 days to get to you once we ship it. Your candy rides along on one of those Fed Ex trucks or U.S. Mail trucks that you see scooting around everywhere. These trucks don't travel at the speed of light nor are they refrigerated. So your precious cargo has to endure the elements just as you would traveling 3 or 4 days in a hot truck with no air conditioning. And hopefully you are home when the package arrives so it doesn't sit on your porch in the Sun until you get home to rescue it. That's why we check the temps.

As the temperatures start to fall, we don't worry so much about this stuff. Cooler weather makes our jobs easier and makes for happier customers. So as you shop our store and decide what to treat yourselves with keep the weather in mind. Once it jumps on the truck, there's not much we can do to protect it. We take all these extra measures to ensure your satisfaction.

If you do need to order meltable candy during the warmer months, consider ice packs and expedited shipping methods. If you're not sure what fits your needs, just call, we'll be happy to figure it out for you and advise you of the options available and the costs involved.

Getting your favorite chocolates, caramels, and taffy during the hot summer months isn't an impossible task, just one that requires a little planning. Review our warm weather shipping advice and general shipping info and FAQ's here.

Glad to be of service!

O'Ryans Village

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