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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
There's old saying that holds true probably as much now as when the phrase was coined who knows how many years ago. "The more things change, the more they stay the same".  Social Networking on the Web has taken the world by storm over the last 5 years. It was reported last week that Facebook served up over 1 Trillion page views in June. Accurate figure or not, it's still being debated, that's a lot of of Hellos. Comments to people that we enjoy making contact with. Point is, we still want to do the same thing, we just change how we do it. Some good old fashion things are too important to us to let them slip away so we find better ways to do them. We find new ways to socialize, eat food, spend time with our families, and communicate.

Being a candy store, obviously I'm going to relate to something in the line of treats. Of course, it's what we do, it's our passion. An old time treat manufacturer that's changing things up on a new level is our friends over at Fizzies. Not Alka Seltzer, the Fizzies drink tablets that make a fizzy Kool Aid type drink for you when you plop, plop them in water. Most of you are familiar with the traditional flavors of this drink. Lemon-Lime, Cherry, Root Beer, and the new Hot Cocoa flavor. Now, just in time for that Autumn, chilly night time of year, we bring you Hot Apple Cider Fizzies! Yep. Plop, plop these in hot water like you'd make your tea and Voila, you have Hot Apple Cider flavored Fizzie. No alcohol like the real stuff can contain, just the great flavor of Apple Cider but with a fizz.

If you've read any of our recent blog posts you may notice that we're getting awful pumped about Fall heading our way and Hot Apple Cider Fizzies are no exception. Such a great time of year looking forward to the coming Holidays that we all enjoy after the warmth of Summer starts to fade. If you get a chance check out the Fizzies and all the other great nostalgic candies in our store. Maybe there's something you've been looking for and didn't know if it was still around or where to find it. We can even help you plan a Holiday party or event.

Thanks for reading and Have a Sweet Day!

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