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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classic car shows are a huge attraction all across the country. Not only do we get to see some of the greatest stuff ever to roll out of Detroit, and Kenosha, we get to take a nostalgic cruise through our memory. These vintage rides let us re-live our younger more innocent days. We maybe remember sitting on our Dad's lap and "steering" the big, beautiful machines of that era.

I have vivid memories of my Dad's '66 Chrysler New Yorker. A summer day going to visit my Mom at her job. I'm sitting on his lap with that gigantic chrome laced steering wheel in my grip. Hanging out with my hero, driving that car, warm breeze coming through the windows blowing through my crew cut. Just doesn't get much better than that for a young boy.

My Mom worked at a Stuckey's where she ran the soda bar. Stuckey's was a roadside stop that had fresh sandwiches, cheeseburgers and fries, and cherry cokes. Full service gas pumps outside, great candy, cool toys, and the soda bar inside. I often wonder why a place like that can't survive anymore. Are we that spoiled? Having a place like that is being spoiled if you ask me. The outside had a big drive circling the pumps and building with parking spaces around the front facing the highway. This was U.S. 41 that later became I-94. Cars would come in off the highway and park in the slots facing the road. On the weekends it would gather with so many cars, it looked like a car show. And it would become one. People would get off the highway just to look at the hot cars lining the perimeter. That was good for business! Pretty soon places like Stuckey's and drive-ins would invite these guys back and give them free cheeseburgers and root beer just to draw people in. What a concept.

A car show is still a big draw used to pull people into an event. Church festivals, County Fairs, and even fund raising events for schools put on classic car shows to bring in the crowds. Most car shows include swap meets where participants sell spare parts, memorabilia, and classic car goodies. O'Ryans Village has been called upon often to supply our Classic Car gift baskets to car shows to show off and sell Vintage rides such as the '55 Chevy Bel Air, the American Sports Car '58 Corvette, the Iconic Ford Mustang, and all time favorite '57 Chevrolet Bel Air. The gift baskets are fabulous replicas of theses Great American cars stuffed with Old Time candy. Great for parties, reunions, and even car shows! They make for cool giveaways and table centerpieces. Take a Saturday Night cruise down memory lane with us.

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