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Thursday, June 16, 2011
The coolness of sweet, yummy summer time candies offering flavors with old-time quality is truly irresistible once school breaks and June days offer extra hours of golden sunshine. With a cool burst of sweetness that brings us back to days of yesteryear when life was simpler, summer time candies provide a reason for smiling in between the chewing.

Who can resist the minty taste of Junior Mints that give your mouth that “brand new” feeling or the sweet taste of gummy candies that makes your tongue slip over your teeth in search of every last morsel? Summer simply isn’t summer without a burst of sugary sweetness from the past to delight our tongues and refresh our memories. That’s just what summer time candies are, too! Refreshing!

No matter what adjectives you use to describe your favorite summer time candy (luscious, gooey, mouth-watering, or fruity), you probably want them all. Why not? How many memories do you have attached to your favorite summer time candies?

From playing doctor and nurse with smarties as candy pills to strutting down the street with a pastel-colored candy necklace dangling above a summer t-shirt, there weren’t many days that didn’t involve the sweet thrill of running to the corner store with a nickel or a dime in your pocket. While summer time candy costs a bit more than it did in the past, its taste is just as spectacular and the memories that come flooding back are so enjoyable.

Put a smile on your face as well as on the face of everyone you love with the summer time candies that simply cannot be forgotten or replaced. Why not get a summer time candy gift basket or pick out a sampling of all of your summer time candy favorites

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