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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sour patch bunnies are the perfect Easter candy for anyone who likes sour candies. These are just like everyone's favorite sour patch kids, just in the shape of bunnies for Easter.

These little bunnies are a soft and chewy gummy candy with a sour sugar coating. Unlike the sour patch kids these are pastel colors for Easter. You get a sweet and sour blast all in one bite.

Each box has a an assortment of 4 fruity flavors, you get lime, orange, cherry and lemon. These are a perfect Easter Gift for anyone that not only like sour patch kids, but also sour candies.

These come in a box so they are the perfect Easter basket candy. There is nothing worse then having to pull off a bunch of Easter grass off your treats while your mouth is watering to bite into these little guys.

Each box has approximately 32 gummy bunnies. Stop by and pick yours up today.

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