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Thursday, March 17, 2011

If you are looking for some fun Novelty Easter candy for filling your Easter Baskets we can help. O'Ryans Village as a lot of fun Easter candy that kids love finding in their Easter Baskets.

Of course you have to start with a package of marshmallow peeps, Easter isn't Easter if you don't have peeps. Also another must have Easter basket candy are the pez dispensers. We also have fun Easter Bunny Glo Popcifier suckers. These are so cool you get a bunny sucker that lights up. These will delight the younger kids.

Bubble Gum Eggs are also fun to find your Easter Baskets. We have a carton of bubble gum eggs that has 12 gum balls and comes in a resealable carton. Or how about a plastic carrot filled with fruit flavored bubble gum eggs. The carrot top is removable so you can refill them next year. These carrots are also fun to hide along with your Easter Eggs.

Don't forget the bunny teeth. Just picture you little bunny hopping around with some of these in their mouth. Kids love the candy bunny teeth, they are similar to wax lips. Wear them, chew them , eat them , they are so much fun. For those that like gummy candy we also gummy bunny teeth. A great tasting fruit flavor gummy in the shape of bunny teeth.

These are just a few of the must have Easter Basket candies you will find in our store. Not only to we have Novelty Easter treats, but also we also have the classics.
Stop and in browse our selection. We are confident you will find what you need.

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by: O'Ryans Village


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