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Thursday, March 10, 2011
Creating a fabulous Easter basket filled with delicious candies can be almost as much fun for you as it is for the child who receives all of those yummy Easter bunnies and chicks sitting in colorful Easter grass just waiting to be devoured. When putting together children’s Easter baskets, it’s important to add in a variety of candies since children are often more intrigued by variety than they are with quantity or quality.

A child’s first glance at his basket is usually the one that gets the biggest smile. So, for children, the presentation is one of the most important aspects of filling the Easter basket. Why not add a small stuffed chick into a basket filled with brightly colored Peeps chicks or a small stuffed rabbit with a bunch of Hershey’s Chocolate Bunnies?

It’s important to think about your child’s likes and dislikes when selecting the candy to fill her basket. Nothing is more disappointing than getting a basket filled with chocolate Easter candy, when what you really want happens to be Bumpy Nerds Jelly Beans, Brach’s Chicks and Rabbits, Pastel Bunny Corn, Bunny Teeth Gummy candy, and Easter Candy Dots. Kids know what they like to eat, and indulging them just this once can be fun.

While it is nice to have your child try some of your old-time favorite candies, try offering them a taste of retro candy treats from your own Easter basket until you are sure that they will like these nostalgic candies. Of course, it is hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t like the sweet sugary goodness of Brach’s Jelly Beans in black, classic, spiced, and speckled varieties or the chewy goodness of Marshmallow Eggs?

As part of the special traditions surrounding Easter, your child probably has a special basket that is used each and every year. You might even have nametags on the baskets just to make it easier to remember which child owns which basket. Why not consider creating a special nametag using the child’s favorite type of Easter candy like Little Patty Peep, Jolly Bobby Rancher, or Trolli Gummy Justin?

If you need to limit the Easter candy that goes into a child’s basket, why not include Easter Poppin Whistle Novelty Candy or Easter Candy Puzzles? Light-up Bunny Suckers and Easter Bunny Candy Bracelets are terrific ideas since they offer a taste of playfulness along with a taste of sweetness. While you are buying your Easter basket candy, don’t forget to select your Plastic Filled Easter Eggs for the egg hunt!

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