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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cadbury Creme eggs are a milk chocolate egg with a fondant filling that is yellow and white looking just like a real eggs. Don't let the looks fool you they taste nothing like a real eggs. The creamy milk chocolate eggs will melt in your mouth once you bite in them and get to the gooey insides there is a sweet satisfying taste.

These chocolate eggs are one of the most purchased chocolate candies for the Easter season with over 200 million sold. That's a lot of creme eggs seeing they are only available from January through April.

These creme eggs as we know them today were not available in the states until 1971. The first Cadbury eggs were made in the Uk by the Cadbury brothers and were available in the early 1920's. Today these eggs are manufactured in the United Kingdom by Kraft company, but in the USA they are manufactured by Hershey's.

Most people think that the eggs are made in one piece then the filling is added. You may be surprise to know that they are made in two pieces. The chocolate is molded in two separate sections. The fondant is then added, the white filling is added both half of shells , then the yellow is added. Once the yellow is added the two halves are quickly placed together and cooled. The egg then bonds together.

O'Ryans Village sells your favorite eggs either by the box, which you get 48 creme eggs or you can purchase them just one egg at a time.
We also have Cadbury caramel eggs, a delicious caramel filled egg and of course everyone's favorite mini eggs. With them being only available for a few months through out the year they sell out very fast. Get your's today before they are gone.

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