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Friday, January 21, 2011
O'Ryans Village has a great selection of heart shaped candies. Whether you are looking for chocolate, sweet tart candy hearts, heart shaped suckers and lollipops, or the traditional candy hearts.

You may be surprise to find out that heart shaped candy is the number selling candy for Valentines Day. Many believe it to be boxed chocolates like Whittman's chocolates or Fanny May. Although many of those heart shaped candy boxes filled with mix chocolate are sold, just good old heart shaped chocolates out sell them.

Palmer Candy Company is known for their variation of yummy chocolate hearts. There are so many to choose from. Whether you enjoy a solid milk chocolate flavored heart,
Hearts filled with peanut butter or fudge. Then there are your classic double crisp hearts, dark chocolate hearts or chocolate conversation hearts. Last year they came out with a raspberry truffle heart which I have to admit are delicious . This year two new chocolate shaped hearts are available. Cookies and Creme Hearts which are perfect for those who like white chocolate and for those dark chocolate lovers there is a dark chocolate caramel swirled heart.

Wonka has some fun Valentine Candy. Everyone loves sweet tarts so Wonka has created a line just for your Valentine. Pick from Sweet tart suckers, heart shaped sweet tarts in bulk bags or in little packs to hand out at classroom parties. Also the gobstopper heart breakers,color changing jawbreakers in the shape of hearts and sweet tart gummy hearts.

Wonka sweet tart pops are not the only heart shaped lollipops. Charms also makes a Valentine pop , cherry flavored suckers in the shape of hearts. There are many brands of cherry flavored suckers; Swirl pops which are red and white or the Luv Pops you get a tub of cherry flavored suckers. Although many of the heart shaped suckers are cherry flavored Jolly Rancher Valentine lollipop flavors are; pink lemonade, cherry, watermelon and everyone's favorite sour apple.

Candy conversation hearts are a must have Valentine treat. Many companies make these tiny pastel hearts with love messages but the two most popular brands are Necco and Brach's. Buy them in bags or boxes, hand them out at classroom parties, fill your candy dish with them or use them to decorate your Valentine cupcakes and cookies.

We can't forget to mention peeps. Peeps are know best for being in the shape of bunnies and rabbits. For those who love peeps, we also have heart shaped peeps. Pink shaped marshmallow hearts are a great way to say I Love You.

We even carry everyone's favorite old time candies in heart shape form. Butterfingers just are available in bar form. You can also get butterfinger hearts still the same great butterfinger just shaped like a heart. Another old time favorite is the junior mints. We have Valentine Junior Mints , however the mint filling is red and white.

As you can see there are many different types of heart shaped candies to please your Valentine now that hard part will be picking just one.

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