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Sunday, January 16, 2011
Brach's is known for their yummy candy.  No matter what type of candy you are looking for Brach's seem to make some variation of it. Brach's Valentine's Day candy is a very big seller. They seem to have what ever your taste buds are searching for. Sweet, Tart, Hard, Chewy, Cherry or Cinnamon flavored.

 Candy Conversation Hearts are one the top sellers.  Pastel in color these heart shaped candies have sassy sayings of love that everyone enjoys at this time of the year. " Love You","So Fine", "First Love", "My Hero" and "Dare You" are just a few of the sayings you will find.  Candy Hearts come in a variety of styles. Pick from 8 oz bags of  large hearts and small hearts, or 1 oz boxes of original flavors or for those you enjoy something a bit more tangy go for the tart hearts.

The of course they are the makers of the original cinnamon imperials. You just can't resist those itty bitty tiny hearts with a powerful cinnamon blast. These are also a great treat to add to your apple pies, applesauce or coffee for a yummy cinnamon flavor. If you are one to enjoy the spicier things in life, then I am sure you enjoy the cinnamon jelly hearts. Chewy cinnamon flavored gummies in the shape of hearts.

Another favorite Valentine treat are the Brach's jube jel hearts,  Brach's Sour Cherry Jels and the Peppermint Nougats.  Jube hearts are a delicious cherry flavored heart shaped candy that is not quite as soft and chewy as a gummy candy. The very much remind me of the jujyfruit candies everyone ate as a kid. Now even if you are not a lover of sour candy treats these Brach's sour cherry jels, also known as sour cherry balls are just waiting to tempt your taste buds. With a sweet candy coating and sour gummy inside you will find yourself reaching for more and more.

We can't forget about the classic nougat candies. They are available in everyone's favorite peppermint flavor or also in a cherry cordial. Caramel chewy nougats  swirled with a cherry flavor  or the classic peppermint flavored nougats made with real peppermint oil for long lasting flavor.

With Brach's candies not only can you tell your sweetie how much you love them , but they are also great for filling your candy dish and use to decorate your Valentine Treats. What ever you are looking to accomplish O'Ryans Village can help meet your needs.

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