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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Nothing can compare to the nervous tension of a classroom on Valentine’s Day. We all had that one special crush in our life, and on this day all of our sophisticated courtships, the teasing, the chasing, the occasional hair-pulling, all these would come to fruition. The Valentine’s Day card itself was unimportant, it was but a blank canvas from which gauging our beloved’s intentions was a futile act. Ostensibly, we could have written our heart’s secrets there, and concluded the matter entirely. But then, we were children, we communicated in mysterious ways.

What truly mattered was the message on the Sweethearts candy attached to the card, for on those heart-shaped pastel tablets the final verdict of our endless yearning was inscribed. There was the apologetic rejection of ‘Be Good’, the encouraging, but insubstantial ‘Sweet Talk’, and, of course, there was the wild, electric elation of ‘Kiss Me’: as concrete a sign of love as there ever has been. Eating Sweethearts today brings back all the mixed emotions of those young romantic forays. Although we’ve grown older, and now express our desires more maturely, slipping a loved one a ‘Kiss Me’ Sweetheart is just as effective as ever.

Sadly, Necco, the maker of Sweethearts since 1866, recently bowed to the demands of modern candy, and fiddled with the classic formula. The old-fashioned sayings, replaced by bizarre modern updates like ‘tweet me’ and ‘you rock’. Even more is the change in flavor. The taste of Sweethearts used to be in harmony with the fragility of our Valentine’s Day emotions: sugary enough to soothe the most desolate soul, yet not too strong to overpower the fuzzy feelings of love. Now they come in flavors that appeal to our youth like ‘blue raspberry’, and possess a sugar kick more saccharine than soothing.

Thankfully, the nostalgia of your Valentine’s Day remains safe, because Necco’s original Sweethearts are still available online at O’Ryans Village. Sold in a 17 oz bag, these original Sweethearts feature the same sayings and flavors you loved as a kid. Grab a bag today, and let your loved one know they are still the classroom crush of your life!

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