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Friday, November 12, 2010

It's that time of year where you are making  your list and checking it twice. Finding presents for all those who are naughty and nice.  Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers,  office exchange gifts, gag gifts or something for your employees Christmas Coal candy is the way to go. How many times growing have you heard " If you don't be good Santa is going to put coal in your stocking" ? I know I heard it a time or two myself, actually I think I said those same words to my kids. Imagine the look on your kids or co workers face if you actually gave them some coal.

We have Santa's Coal Bubble Gum that is perfect for adults and kids.  Tiny black nuggets of fruit flavored gum that resembles coal in it's own little red sack.  For those who love chocolate we have chocolate coal.  You get lumps of chocolate coal crispy candy wrapped in a back foil in a mesh bag.
New this year we have gummy candy coal by Trolli.  You get a bag of little bite size  gummies that look like coal, but have a sour cherry or grape flavor.

There is coal candy in a variety of different flavors and styles for everyone on your list. These are a fun stocking stuffer that will bring giggles and laughter to everyone  you give them too, plus they taste good too.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Junior mints are an old time classic candy. They are also a very popular item to purchase at the movies.

For Christmas they come out with a special edition.  Junior Mint Peppermint Crunch. These are a spin off of the originals , however they have tiny pieces of candy cane crushed up and added to the creamy mint middle.

These are a delicious minty Christmas Candy and one of our most popular holiday items. Whether you are looking for Stocking Stuffers,  a candy to add to your gingerbread house or a sweet treat to eat you won't be disappointed.

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Monday, November 8, 2010
We had many great photo's submitted for our Halloween Costume Contest.  We are glad the fans where the one's casting the votes as all the photo's were great.  It would have been hard to pick just one.

The winner was photo #27, submitted by Dawn Johnson. Dawn will be receiving a $10.00 O'Ryans Village gift certificate to purchase her favorite nostalgic candy and treats from our store.

Congratulations to Dawn and her daughter. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our very first Halloween Costume Contest.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010
It's going to be here sooner than you think. Christmas is just around the corner, 48 days from what I can figure. Weren't we just yesterday basking in the Sun at a Labor Day cookout? Well the leaves have turned to their golden and blazing red colors and fallen on the yard for us to rake up before the first snow falls laying the track for old Santa's sleigh. Time rolls on at a steady and sometimes speedy pace whether we ask to or not. Holidays pass, children grow up, and we turn into our parents. I live by the "Seize the Day" philosophy.

I remember when I was a kid, all the excitement leading up to Christmas. My parents, especially my Mother, always pulled out all the stops for the Holidays. As soon as the HUGE Thanksgiving meal was over that she would put out, Christmas preparations were shifted into high gear. Mom would be baking, shopping, wrapping gifts, and making candies and treats for the the big day. Boxes of cookies and tins of homemade Christmas candy were lined up on the hutch in our dining room just waiting for the green light from Mom to dig in.

The next step was to go shopping for the candy that would fill the candy dishes and stockings. This was done in two outings. Her and I would bundle up and hop in her old DeSoto, (anyone remember them?) and we would begin our mission to procure the the Thin Ribbon candy, Cans of Old Fashion Hard and Filled candy, Crimped Ribbon candy,  Brach's Cut Rock candy, and my favorite, Filled Raspberry candy. We would go home and display her special dishes and trays all over the house and fill them with the stuff we had just brought home, carefully lacing in the fudge, divinity, and snickerdoodles that Mom had made. The second outing would be Mom alone gathering things for our stockings. It makes us really happy to know that we can still offer these treasures for you.

 My Mom would be humming to the record player playing Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin's Christmas albums while we decorated the house. I was in charge of changing the albums when they were finished. Elvis would get snuck in there too. I would watch the clock waiting for Dad to get home from work so we could go get our tree. That tree was to be the centerpiece of the entire Holiday spectacle. We would decorate and arrange this tree to what we believed was the best one ever. Once the presents were carefully placed under the tree, I would turn off the lights in the living room and stare in awe at our tree with anticipation of Christmas that seemed impossible to overcome. One Christmas Eve I was woke up by Mom and told to go to bed, only to realize that me in my pajamas and blanket had fallen asleep under the tree while laying next to it dreaming about what might be there come the next morning.

Christmas morning did come. With it, it brought most of the things that I had included in my letter to Santa along with a stocking so stuffed there would be no hanging this thing from anywhere. It stood leaned up against the corner of the walls near the tree. I always dug into the stocking first, sorting all the goodies out. My wife and I as parents always tried to give our kids the same anticipation and excitement as we had. My wife describes a lot of the same things during her childhood. I've always said that our kids were lucky that she was in charge at Christmas time, just something about Moms knowing how to do up Christmas right. Well, she's still in charge of Christmas at our home and at O'Ryans Village. We put the same kind of passion into helping you with your Holiday preparations as we do our own and what our Mothers did for us. Both of our Mothers our gone now, but their Love of Christmas and family live on in us. Make some memories of your own this year. Happy Holidays.

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