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Thursday, October 14, 2010
It's that time of the year where kids and parents are gearing up for Halloween. Kids are picking out their favorite scary costume and parents are stocking up on Halloween treats. Every year kids get the same old thing in there trick or treat bags. This year why not give out some fun Nostalgic Candy Treats ?
Here are our 5 top selling candies that make perfect Halloween treats.

Pumpkin Seeds

Looking for a healthy alternative to Halloween candy to hand out to all of your spooky trick-or-treaters? Salted Pumpkin Seeds are perfect. This great tasting treat is sold in single-serving sizes, making them perfect for tossing into Halloween satchels and plastic pumpkins held by spooky guests. This old-time favorite tastes delicious and without all the work of making your own!

Caramel Apple Pops

Don’t you just hate it when your candy is gone, but your tongue still craves that sweet, yummy taste? One way to get around that type of problem is to buy Caramel Apple Pops for all your trick-or-treaters as well as yourself. These long-lasting suckers offer a smooth, creamy caramel coating on a hard green apple candy sucker. The flavor of a taffy apple just waiting to be savored!

Wax Fangs, Lips, and Mustaches

The thing about loving Halloween candy is that it is so easy to do. Halloween candy is so much fun and includes all kinds of nostalgic treats and party favors like wax fangs, lips, and mustaches. Whether your trick-or-treaters want to dress up and pretend to be scary vampires, silly clowns, or rowdy cowboys, our wax fangs, lips, and mustaches are perfect accessories for the Halloween costume!

Gummy Googly Eyeballs

Gooey, squishy candy makes a big hit any time of the year, but especially on Halloween when everyone wants to freak people out with scary costumes, frightening music, and freaky candies. Try some Gummy Googly Eyeballs for a belly laugh that gets everyone laughing till the tears roll down their faces. Realistic looking with great taste including green apple, cherry, blue raspberry, and orange!

Belly Bugs

These are a cute and fun treat. You get a little guy with a tummy full of gummy bugs. Take the tweezers and pick our your favorite bugs. Kids love getting these especially the younger kids. Belly Bugs
remind us of the operation game that we all loved to play as kids.

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Monday, October 11, 2010
Welcome to O’Ryans Village candy blog, a place where you can get your virtual fix of sugary goodness while taking a trip down memory lane!

Today, candy is a quick fix for a hungry tummy or a sweet tooth attack. A generation ago, eating candy was an experience filled with anticipation, careful planning, and childhood rituals and traditions. Every child had a favorite type of candy, perhaps Necco Wafers, Bit-o-Honey, or Tootsie Pops. A portion, or perhaps all, of each week’s allowance was designated for the next candy purchase. From the walk to the candy store with childhood friends to the unwrapping of the candy treats to the savoring of every last bit of sugary goodness, the childhood memories of buying candy linger in our hearts, on our minds, and on the tips of our tongues!

For your virtual candy fix, follow our candy blogs, reminisce about the days when 5-cent candy bars were a reality, and penny candy was more than just a distant memory. Whether you have a lifelong candy addiction or you simply enjoy its delicious sweetness every now and again, O’Ryans Village has retro soft candies, vintage hard candies, classic chocolate candies, nostalgic gummy candy, and just about every type of candy imaginable. Tempt your tummy with these tantalizing favorites and place your order today!

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