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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
The candy cane is a sweet and delicious symbol of all that is Christmas. During the holiday season, you’ll see them in all their delicious forms and will probably pop a few of these sweet candies into your mouth before the holiday season is over. There are loads of creative ways to use candy canes in craft projects, home décor, and even Christmas recipes. Here are some candy cane ideas to make your upcoming Christmas celebrations special:

Candy Cane Idea 1: Use candy canes in Christmas recipes.

Candy canes are sweet and delicious on your own but they can provide another dimension to your Christmas recipes. Try crushing candy canes into fragments with a hammer and sprinkle them on ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, or pies. Add them as an ingredient to your chocolate chip or sugar cookies. Soften a pint of vanilla ice cream and add peppermint candy pieces. Add a touch of peppermint extract and mix thoroughly. Refreeze this mixture and you’ll have candy cane ice cream for Christmas night. You also dip your candy canes into chocolate you’ve melted in the microwave. When they cool, you’ll have chocolate covered candy canes which taste delicious. Don’t forget about using candy canes to stir your hot chocolate or coffee.

Candy Cane Idea 2: Use candy canes to decorate your Christmas tree.

Candy canes are a natural for decorating your Christmas tree. Hang them as is or tie a pretty ribbon around the top of the candy cane before dangling them from the Christmas tree. Lay one candy cane on top of the other in a “x” shape. Attach a looped ribbon and hang them from the tree as ornaments. Be sure to hang them high enough so your dog or cat won’t make a meal out of them!

Candy Cane Idea 3: Use candy canes to decorate your house.

Buy a grapevine wreath base at your local craft store. Attach bunches of candy canes to the wreath base interspersed with bright red ribbons and other Christmas symbols. Attach your with a hot glue gun and admire your beautiful handiwork. You can also use candy canes to make a decorative Christmas garland to adorn your Christmas tree. For an interesting look, attach candy canes to plant sticks and insert them into all of your plant containers to give your house a holiday look.

Candy Cane Idea 4: Use candy canes to welcome your guests.

Place a beautiful crystal bowl on a pedestal by the front door. Fill the bowl with candy canes to entice carolers and other Christmas guests. Give each guest a candy cane as they leave your house.

There are a multitude of candy cane craft projects for both children and adults to use those extra candy canes after Christmas. A quick internet search will yield instructions for making a variety of useful craft related items out of these sweet candies. You can never have too many candy canes at Christmas.

by: O'Ryans Village


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