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Wednesday, November 17, 2010
O'ryans Village as all the goodies you need to fill your Christmas stockings. Whether you are looking for some fun unique treats for kids or adults you will find all your favorite stocking stuffers  here. Pick from old time favorites like giant peppermint sticks, candy canes, chocolate covered marshmallow santa's or chocolate santa suckers.

We also have some fun nostalgic candy that has come out in holiday editions. One of our most popular is the junior mints peppermint crunch.  You will also find Christmas dots, in the same tradition of the classic dots candy, however these are red and green in a cherry, lime and vanilla flavor. Don't forget to pick up a box of Christmas jujufruits, they same chewy candy in the shape of Christmas trees, snowmen and teddy bears. The Christmas sugar babies are another popular Stocking Stuffer. The same chewy centers but the outer coating is in red, green or white.

Then of course we have all the Christmas Candy Chocolates. Pick from Reese's peanut butter trees, chocolate Christmas bells, soft caramel bells, fudge filled bells, peanut butter santa's,  cookies and creme and  double crisp santa's. If you are looking for chocolate santa's we have them even santa suckers. The choices are endless.

We have a great selection of old time Nostalgic Candies you can purchase by the piece. This year when thinking of tasty treats to fill your stockings think Nostalgic.  What a great way to bring back those childhood memories with candies you used to eat when you were kids.  We have wax bottles, pixy sticks, french chew, sugar daddy suckers, flipsticks the old time lip stick candy, chunky candy bars,  bun candy bars even razzles gum.  What a great present this would be for your husband, wife, sister, brother or even your parents. If you prefer a gift baskets instead of a stocking we have many great candy baskets to choose from.

Just think how delighted everyone will be pulling all these old time candies our of their stockings on Christmas morning. I remember many years ago finding oranges, walnuts and popcorn balls out of my stocking. I have to admit I would have loved to have found some candies instead of fruit.

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