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Sunday, November 21, 2010
What would Christmas be without the sweet little treats ?  Part of the old time Christmas traditions involve candy. Whether you are looking for something from St. Nick, sweet treats to put in your stockings, candy to fill your candy dishes or to use with your holiday baking. What ever reason it is the season of sweetness.

Old fashioned Christmas candy and Candy Canes can be seen in just about everyone's house at Christmas.   Old time favorites like Peppermint Christmas Nougats, Mint Filled Straws, Old Fashioned Filled Christmas Mix,  Thin Ribbon Candy and Peppermint Bark. As a kid we would always find these sweets at Grandma's house and Aunt Alice's house. However just like most  kids chocolate is the candy of choice, yet we always seemed to have our hands in the candy dish.

Oh and the Christmas stockings, how I would lay awake at night just thinking about what we would find in them the next morning. Popcorn balls always were in the toe of the stocking, I never did eat it, but sure would have been disappointed if it wasn't there. Some other favorite Stocking Stuffers would be chocolate covered marshmallow santa's,  chocolate bells, Reese's peanut butter trees, chocolate santa suckers, giant peppermint sticks and a variety of chocolate santa's and other foil wrapped treats.
Of course we also found a tooth brush, coloring book and crayons and a couple of candy canes. It was pretty much the same candy every year, however we couldn't wait to dig in.

Decorating your holiday goodies with candy is becoming more and more popular. Many transform an ordinary cup cake into a very festive treat just by adding some colored sugars and a chocolate santa on top. There are some many ways to dress up your holiday treats with a little extra candy. Whether you are baking your own treats or treats for a bake sale, adding some extra goodies sure can make a difference.

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