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Sunday, October 24, 2010
It may not be high finance, but the fast-paced trading of Halloween candy is an age-old tradition that many adults remember fondly. Looking back, it is nice to realize that no matter what type of candy you enjoyed most or how many different varieties of chewy nostalgic candy you received, there was always a childhood friend or sibling willing to trade you some type of Halloween candy that you liked for something that really did not tempt your tummy or the tip of your tongue. For this type of sweet trading, all a person needed was a thick-handled paper bag or an old pillowcase filled with the sweet bounty of an evening’s trudge through the neighborhood yelling out “trick-or-treat” while shoving your bag under the outstretched hands filled with 5-cent candy bars that weighed nearly a quarter pound.

by: O'Ryans Village


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