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Wednesday, March 27, 2019
With Easter just a couple weeks away it is time to start thinking about what you want to buy for your Easter baskets.  We have many different Easter baskets to choose from for under $30.00.  They are filled with a variety of different  Easter candies some even with toys and DVD's. We have candy filled Easter baskets for adults , teens and kids.

Here are a few of our top sellers.

Our Reese's Easter Basket is one of our most popular. It is perfect for anyone who loves Reese's candies. You get a large 5 oz bunny, Reese's pieces carrot. 2 eggs and Reester bunnies , 3 snack size bunnies, along with some small reester bunnies, peanut butter cups and eggs.

Kids, teens and adults all enjoy our Reese's Easter Basket.

Next in line is our Hershey's Easter basket. Everything in this basket is Hershey's candy. From a large 5 oz solid Hershey bunny, to marshmallow eggs, solid bunnies chocolate and cookies and cream along with some mini bars, bunnies and eggs.

When it comes to chocolate Hershey's is know for there creamy chocolates.

Our bunny delight Easter basket has been a huge hit for kids. It comes with a variety of Easter candies that kids love. Plus you get a plush Easter animal, an Easter DVD, coloring book and crayons and a deck of Easter themed card game.

This is a great Easter basket for boys or girls with a mixture of toys and candies you won't go wrong.

I know it is hard to believe , however that are many out there that like candies other then chocolate.  Unlike our Reese's or Hershey's Easter basket this candy filled basket has a mixture of chocolate and non chocolate candies.

You get snickers, twix and reese's eggs but also jelly beans, jelly bean nougats, sour patch easter candy , bunny basket eggs and more.

If you are looking for a variety of candies this basket is perfect for teens and adults alike.

Now the real trick is coming up with an Easter Basket for Teenagers. As they are to cool to admit they want an Easter basket but we both know they do.

This one is fun it has all the favorite Easter candies teens love. You get chocolates and jelly beans of course , but also some gummy candy and bubble gum.

Teens love this basket, but is is also great for pre teens and adults.

So here are just a few of our Easter baskets. We have over 35 different Easter baskets to choose from ranging in prices from $15.00 - $50.00.  Hope on over and check out all of our candy filled Easter baskets. You can have them shipped to you or delivered to you some bunny special. I am positive you will find the perfect basket for everyone on your list.

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Looking to buy Easter baskets for toddlers we can help. Let's face it all kids no matter the age want an Easter basket. Sometimes buying baskets for toddlers can be more difficult. Many of times they are filled with candies just not suitable for small children.

We have had many of our customers asking for something a bit more geared for the smaller kids. Our customers asked, we created. Not only did we come up with an basket for toddlers , but we went one step farther.  We have a Easter basket for toddler boys and one for toddler girls as well.

Our toddler baskets come with a variety of gummy candies, softer candies and a package of cookies. You also get a blue stuffed bunny,
a storybook and a plastic Easter cup. All put in a plastic boy themed
bucket that they can play with later.

Our toddler girls basket comes with all the same candies as the boys, but it is themed for a girl. It has a pink bunny, a storybook as well as a pink or purple plastic Easter mug.

The goodies that come in the toddler Easter Baskets are a hollow binky baby chocolate bunny, a chocolate bunny sucker, a package of cookies, lifesaver gummy bunnies and eggs, chocolate covered
marshmallow bunny, a package of fruit snacks , a rice crispy treat along with some chocolate bunnies and eggs. Plus your plush bunny, storybook and mug.

So there is a nice mixture of candy and toys and the bucket to play with when everything is gone.
While these baskets are designed especially for toddlers  please keep in mind they should still be supervised .

So if you are looking to buy a toddlers Easter basket hop on over to O'ryans Village and check out our toddler baskets.

We can ship them to you or have them delivered to your little someone special.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

We are so happy to announce that candy buttons are now available again.  After Necco candy company closed it's doors there were so many candies that were no long available. The fate of many of these candies had everyone panicking to get their  hands on their favorite old time candies.

Doscher's candy company purchase Necco's candy buttons and have added them to their candy line. They are also the makers of the famous french chew taffy and gourmet candy canes.  By buying the necco candy buttons Doscher's not only has made many candy fans happy , but this family run business as also created about 25 new jobs.  It's a win win for everyone.

Candy buttons are one of those old time candy favorites even though when you would try and peel them off the paper you usually ended up with some paper in your mouth.  Heck that was half the fun of eating them. There were found in every corner candy store and then they were just a penny or two for a strip.

Many of our customers love to share their candy memories with us from when they were a kid. With candy buttons the majority of the stories were how they would also play doctor and use these sweet little buttons as medicine.

These were very popular and a big deal back in the day.  Now I am not sure kids are to fond of them, it's to much work to get them off the paper.  It's funny that now with the amount of different candies available many of us adults go right back to the oldies.   Candy Buttons, Zagnuts, Bun Bars, Kits, BB Bats, Charms Suckers all the candy we ate as kids.

Each box of candy buttons had 24 individually wrapped packs.  Each pack as 2 strips of paper dots.

Thanks Doscher's candy company for bring back an old time favorite candy that we thought would be gone forever.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Our Hershey Valentine gift basket is perfect for the chocolate lover. You get a 5 once boxed solid Hershey chocolate heart, a 1 oz kiss, a marshmallow heart, a heart shaped boxed of kisses, some hugs and kisses and a stuffed teddy bear.

When it comes to chocolate Hershey's is one of the best !

You won't go wrong with this gift basket for the chocolate lover

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Thursday, January 31, 2019
Brach's Cinnamon Heart the perfect Valentine candy for those who like things  a little bit spicy.

You get a heart shaped jelly candy with a cinnamon flavor then dusted with a light coating of sugar.

You can't go wrong with chewy, sweet and spicy that's for sure.

These are one of those candies that are great to eat right out of the bag, but you can also use them to decorate your Valentine baked goods.

One of the best things about these hearts is although they are a bit spicy and have a great cinnamon flavor they are not scorching hot like some cinnamon candies.

We have many customers that love the cinnamon hearts so much that they will buy 12 or 15 bags so they have them all year long. Or for as long as that many bags will last them.  Another thing our customers like is that there is no fat or sodium in these hearts.

 Here is a cute idea for using cinnamon hearts on your cupcakes.  Just make your favorite cupcake add some fondant and drop on a candy heart.

You can buy cinnamon hearts in a 12oz bag  if that isn't enough just buy more.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Buy Smarties Love Hearts and show your Valentine just how much you care.  These love heart valentine candies are the same Smarties candies you love. They are just bigger then the regular size
Smarties.  Still the same sweet and tart flavored candy.

Love hearts are not your typical candy Conversation hearts even though they have cute and sassy romantic saying.  Instead of being shaped like hearts they are round like all Smarties then have a raised heart with the message in the middle.

Besides the typical romantic sayings :  Kiss, Be Mine, Marry Me,  and Hold me there are some new sayings for the youth of 2019.  A few of the new sayings are : Text Me, Swipe Right, On Fleek and BAE (Before Anyone Else ).

Let's face it when it comes to conversation hearts, they traditional ones just don't appeal to the kids.
The like sour candy or gummies.  I have to admit these are one of my favorite conversation hearts. I won't even tell you how many boxes of these I have eaten this season.

Smarties Love Hearts now come in .9oz boxes with about 20 candies in each box.  They are perfect for handing out for your valentine exchanges or parties. There is a spot on the box to write to and from.

This year when trying to decide what to get for your valentine buy Smarties Love Hearts  and score big with your special someone.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Our Reese's Valentine gift basket is perfect for the Reese's lover.  It is filled with all Reese's candies.
Peanut Butter, chocolate and hearts what a way to say I LOVE YOU !

You get a 5 oz boxed heart, 2 full size hearts, 3 snack size hearts, a heart shaped box with mini peanut butter cups and 8 miniature peanut butter cups and foil wrapped Reese's peanut butter hearts.  All of which are milk chocolate.

This is one of those gift baskets that is loved by all.  Whether you are looking to buy a gift basket for a teen or adult you won't go wrong with the Reese's Gift Basket.

You can buy this gift basket and have it delivered right to your Valentine's house and send it directly to you. Order early as this is one of our most popular Valentine Baskets and sells out rather quickly.

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