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Friday, March 16, 2018

Bunny basket eggs are an old time favorite Easter Candy.   A firm marshmallow center with a hard candy coating in a mixture of pastel colors.

The name of these candies have been changed to bunny hunt eggs.   Many of our customers ask what is the difference between the two. Basically the only difference is now that come wrapped.

These are one of those candies you either like or don't.  From our experience it seems like these are favored more by adults then by kids.  Although it's candy so kids usually will eat them.

I am extremely glad that they have now decided to wrap the bunny basket eggs.  For some reason the Easter bunny always had to put these in my Easter basket.  I was always picking the grass off of them before I could eat them.  If you took a bite out of one you better not decide to put in back in your Easter basket, because if you did, you were eating grass. Believe me you I know this from experience.

 Here is a little titbit of information you may or may not have known.   Bunny basket eggs have been around since the early 1900's.  Of course I am sure they have changed over the years. But way back then before the plastic eggs came out, these candies were what was used for Easter egg hunts.   The candy eggs would be hidden for the kiddies to find.  I bet the kids wished they were wrapped then.

Buy bunny basket eggs for your Easter baskets, to fill in Easter eggs or just to eat right out of the bag. Leave us a comment and let us know if these are a favorite of yours

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Easter baskets for teens and be somewhat tricky. They are at that age where they are too cool to admit they enjoy Easter baskets. Of course you don't want to give them ones with a plush bunny in it or silly little toys.

Over the years we have watched what our customers are asking for and designed some Easter baskets that are perfect for teens. If you are having a hard time trying to decided what to buy for an Easter Basket for a teen we have listed a few different idea's

This is one of our most popular Easter baskets for teens. It's filled with sour candies, chocolate candies, bubble gum , a variety of the most popular candy bars in the shape of eggs and of course a chocolate bunny.

Actually this is a perfect Easter basket for adults as well due to the variety of different types of candies.

You know someone who likes Reese's candy ? To be honest I don't know anyone who doesn't like Reese's.   This Easter basket is filled with all Reese's candies. You get bunnies, eggs even a carrot filled with Reese's
Pieces .

Perfect for anyone who loves Reese's

In this Easter Basket you will find a Brach's chocolate bunny, peeps , Jelly Belly jelly beans, Cadbury mini eggs, Hershey bunny, Big league chew gum,  snickers eggs along with a variety of other fun Easter candies.

We also have an Easter basket filled with nothing but snickers candy.
You get a large snickers bunny, snickers eggs, snickers fun size and mini bars plus a plastic egg filled with snickers.

I  hope we have helped you find an Easter basket for your teen. We have many other Easter baskets to choose from, these are just a few suggestions.  If there is something you have in mind , but don't see give us a call.  Many of times we can customize a basket that will be just what  you are looking for .

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Looking to buy a candy filled Easter basket that is extra large ?  Check out our ultimate Easter basket. This is filled with enough candy for the whole family to share !

This Easter baskets is filled with all the favorite Easter candies. You get a large Reese's egg , a Brach's solid chocolate bunny, Pez and refills, Hershey marshmallow eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, chocolate eggs and bunnies.  Of course  you have to have peeps and jelly beans every Easter basket needs them.  Along with other Easter favorites.

So if you are planning on getting an Easter basket for a family or one that just loves candy. Buy this Easter basket, there is something in it I am sure will please everyone in the family. Please not that the style and color of the basket may be different due to availability , but all the candy will be the same.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Gold Bricks eggs by Elmers candy company is now my new favorite Easter candy.  We recently found these yummy chocolate eggs and had to add them to our line of Easter candies.

Although these eggs have been around since 1936 they are a well kept secret unless you are from New Orleans. These are one of the most popular candies from Louisiana.   We had many customer request this candy and I can understand why.

Many customers have never heard of these and ask what they are.  Delicious is my first response ! These are perfect for the chocolate lover. The egg is a chocolate melt away fudge center filled with pecans now if that isn't enough smother it with a creamy chocolate.

These make a perfect Easter basket candy. If you have never tired them I suggest you buy Gold Brick eggs this year to either add to your Easter baskets or just eat yourself you won't be disappointed.

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Candy filled Easter Eggs.   Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way. You know what that means. Time to get your candy filled Easter eggs for your egg hunt.  Whether you are having a small family egg hunt or a huge corporate egg hunt we can help.

We started selling plastic Easter eggs filled with candy about 16 years ago. And over the years we have grown to be one of the largest supplies of filled eggs.  We have had many satisfied customers over the years, which of course keeps them coming back year after year.

We sell them by the dozen or also in bulk.  You can buy candy filled Easter eggs in 250 count, 500 count or 1000 count.  Each plastic egg is about 2 inches, we filled them with 3 pieces of old time candy.

Some of the candy the kids will find when opening the eggs are : mini tootsie roll or frooties, fruit chews, root beer barrels, zotz, bit o honey, smarties, salt water taffy, swedish fish, sour patch kids, razzles, double bubble, banana splits or jolly ranchers .  Just about any candy small enough to fit in the eggs.

We always try to mix up the candy in the eggs, that way when you spread them out it's not just on type of candy the kids find.  We make them up to order that way they are not sitting around in our candy warehouse for months with the candy getting old.  We even add a piece of tape on the seam to keep them from opening up in shipping.

 So if you are looking to buy candy filled Easter eggs give us a call. We will help to make  your Easter egg hunt a success !

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Sunday, January 28, 2018


Yep it is that time of the year again. Time to buy your sweetheart some candy for Valentine's Day.
There are so many choices out there now, so many different types of candy to buy.  At one time it was pretty much just heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates.

 Now you can get just about any chocolate heart you want. Reese's hearts, snickers and twix hearts. Hearts filled with fudge, crisps, peanut butter or just chocolate hearts.  Heart  and lip shaped suckers.
 Oh and you can't forget the gummy hearts and peeps.

Candy In colors of pink, white, red purple and blue. Flavors of cinnamon, peppermint  and cherry. Sweet candy and sour candy. How do you choose ?

I am not really sure how the tradition of giving candy on Valentine's day ever started, but hey I am a candy store so I'm not complaining. HA HA

We get many customers calling saying they want to sent a gift of candy for Valentine's day, but they really don't know what to send.

Well you can never really go wrong with chocolates, is always my first answer as I don't know anyone that would walk away from a box of chocolates.

But if chocolate is not what they want , then we really need to narrow it down. Sweet or Sour is always our next question. Sometimes I feel like we are playing 20 questions.

In the end we always come up with a special treat that is personalized just to the recipient.

So when buying your Valentine candy this year, if you are stuck, just give us a call. I am sure we can come up with the perfect gift for your someone special. We can customize it and add a personal gift message and have it shipped right to their door.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Valentine's day is just around the corner and that means our candy warehouse is filling up with all kinds of heart shaped candies.

Brach's Jube Jel Hearts are a very popular Valentine' candy.  It's hard to resist the yummy cherry flavor and the jube texture.  Not only are these a favorite of adults , but these seem to be one of the old time Valentine candies that kids like as well.

Many ask us what is a jube candy.  The best way to describe it is  a jube candy is  a softer chewy candy.  They are not quite as chewy as a gummy candy, they are a little bit more firm.

Once you sink your teeth into one of these chewy hearts you get a burst of sweet tasting cherry flavor.
One it comes to cherry flavored candies these are one of the best.

Not only do they taste good but  they only have 100 calories per serving , which is about 4 hearts. They have  0 fat, saturated fats, sodium and only 113 grams of sugar.

These are the perfect Valentine candy to eat right out of the bag. They are also great to put on top of cupcakes add a few sprinkles and you have a pretty Valentine treat.

Buy your Brach's jube jel hearts early as they sell out pretty quickly.


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