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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Easter candy there are so many choices how do you choose ?  Picking out Easter candy is not so easy anymore, but it sure if fun.

How do you decide what Easter candy to buy ?  Do you pick just chocolate Easter candy or your favorite candy you ate as a kid ?

Of course you have your jelly beans. Do you pick the old time Classic Brach's jelly beans,
Jelly Belly or do you pick some of the newer brands that have come out over the last couple of years?
There are  warheads jelly beans,  lemonhead , sweet tarts or  jolly ranchers. Sweet or sour there is something out there to appeal to your taste buds.

If you are looking for some old time Easter Candy you have  your Fiesta Malted Milk eggs in white or pastels,  marshmallow chick and rabbits, bunny basket eggs, chocolate bunnies, gold brick eggs.

Chocolate bunnies have even changed. Of course there are solid chocolate or hollow bunnies. Milk chocolate or white.  Many candy companies have their own style of bunnies. Reese's, Cadbury, Hershey's and Snickers. Some have peanut butter, some have peanuts or caramel and others have rice crisps.

Of course you need chocolate eggs as well. Whether you like Reese's Eggs, Hershey eggs, Twix Eggs or snickers.  You can find just about any type of candy you like in the shape of an egg with  a mixture of fillings.

Maybe you don't even put that much thought into picking our your Easter candy and just walk down the isle and grab bags and just throw them in your cart. Many of times you know exactly what you want and have to run from store  to store to find it.  Why not just buy your Easter candy online and have it delivered right to your door. No hassle of running from place to place.

Buy your Easter candy from O'Ryans Village save time and money and still have some shopping fun.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Easter basket designed with your little guy in mind. This basket makes a perfect Easter basket for boys.  After all what little boy do you know that wants to get an Easter basket that is pink or has a pink bunny in it ?

This basket is filled with blue items. Blue basket, blue bunny, blue peeps. There will be no doubt that it was intended for a little boy.

You get a variety of candy and toys to keep him busy for hours.
Some of the candy you will get :

  • Blue peeps
  • Pez
  • Blue foil wrapped bunny
  • Hershey bunny
  • Gummy Lifesavers
  • Skittles
  • Foil wrapped bunnies and eggs
  • Skittles
  • Chocolate bunny sucker
  • And more

Besides a great variety of candy you will also get some toys
  • A blue bunny
  • Hot Wheel Car
  • Bubbles
  • An Easter theme card game.

You get over 20 candies plus 4 toys picked out just for boys. You won't go wrong when you buy one of our Easter basket for boys. Have it delivered right to your door, with a personalized gift message.

We have many other Easter Baskets to choose from that will delight anyone on your Easter list.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Buy an Easter Basket especially designed for teens. Let's face it once our kids reach it certain age it isn't cool to look forward to getting an Easter Basket. At least that's what they like us to think, deep down they really can't wait to sink their teeth into some delicious sweet treats.

We have the perfect Easter basket for teens. No toys, no silly stuffed bunnies just a basket full of candy that appeals to our teens.

It seems the teens like chocolate, gum and sour candies so that is exactly what you will find in these Easter basket.

You Get :

  • A solid chocolate Russell Stover bunny
  • A box of Sour Patch gummy bunnies
  • A chocolate Easter bar
  • A Twix egg
  • Kit Kat Bunny Ears
  • A package of Life Saver or Starburst Jelly Beans
  • Bubble gum eggs
  • Blow pop minis
  • Sour punch straws
  • Mini Reester bunny
  • Chocolate mini bunnies and eggs
  • Peeps
  • And some mini candy bars.
When trying to decided what Easter basket to buy for a teen, this one is perfect.  Have it delivered right to your door with a personalized gift message. 

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Looking to buy an Easter basket for that special little girl. We have the perfect basket.
Our Easter basket for girls is filled with candy and toys especially selected with little girls
in mind.

You get a pink wicker Easter basket filled with candy , sidewalk chalk, pink peeps, bubbles ,  Easter theme card game and an Easter bunny.

 Some of the candy you get in our girls Easter basket is : Easter Pez with refill packs. pink foil wrapped bunny, chocolate bunny sucker, Hershey bunny, fruit snacks, gummy life savers, chocolate bunnies and more.

If you are looking to buy a Easter basket for girls you will be please with this one. What more can you want then a cute basket designed for little girls filled with candy and toys.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Looking to buy candy filled Easter Eggs, we can help. It's that time of the year to start planning your Easter Egg hunts.  There is nothing more fun that watching a bunch of kids running around grabbing up plastic Easter eggs filled with candy. The excitement of the event and watching their faces when they pop open the eggs and find their sweet treats is priceless.

We have been filling plastic Easter eggs with candy for over 20 years now with great success. We have many companies come back to us year after year for help in making their Easter Egg hunts a huge success.

We have many different ways available to buy candy filled Easter eggs to fit your needs.  If you are just looking for a few eggs to throw in your backyard we sell them by the dozen. If you are planning a  larger event you can purchase them in 250 or 500 count.

We also sell them in 1000 count wholesale candy filled eggs, for those corporate Easter Egg hunts.

Our eggs are filled as they are ordered so they are not sitting in a warehouse for months getting dusty and the candy getting stale. Each egg has 3 pieces of candy and then are taped shut to keep them from opening during shipping.  I can't tell you the horror stories we have heard from customers who have ordered eggs from other companies and when they arrived half of them or more had opened in the shipping.

We use a variety of different candies to fill our eggs.  You get Bit O Honey, Jolly Ranchers, Swedish Fish, Now and Later, Sour  Patch Kids, Smarties, Razzles, Bazooka, Frooties, Mini Tootsie Rolls, Hard Candies and Salt Water Taffy just to name a few.  You never know what candy your are going to find until you open your eggs.

So if you are planning an Easter Egg hunt and looking to buy candy filled Easter eggs give us a call. We can help you make your Egg hunt a success too.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

 Brach's cinnamon hearts are a favorite Valentine Candy. If you are a cinnamon lover these are very hard to resist. These are one of those Valentine candies that have been around forever and are a must have for many year after year.

If you have never tried this I suggest you do. You get a soft jelly heart shape candy with a cinnamon flavor then covered in sugar.  You get a spicy and sweet taste all in one bite. These hearts have just the right amount of cinnamon, nothing over bearing.

Not only are these fun to just eat out of the bag or to put in  your candy dish, but they are also perfect for your Valentine treats.

Buy your Brach's cinnamon hearts today, as these are strictly a Valentine Candy, once they are sold out for the year they are gone until next Valentine's day.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Necco tiny conversation hearts in the original flavors are still available , but very hard to find.  For some strange reason after many of years Necco decided it was time to change the flavors from the classics to new flavors. This change was made a few years ago and many have been very unhappy with this change.

Necco only sells the classic flavor conversation hearts in bulk boxes, so they do need to be repackaged. Let's face it , no matter how much you enjoy the original flavors, a 50 pound box
is just way to many hearts to eat.

We were lucky enough to find a company that purchases these conversation hearts  and repackages them under their own brand name.  Heck who cares what the name is on the package as long  as they are the Necco original flavors right ?

Banana, Lime, Grape, Cherry, Orange and Wintergreen are the original flavors.  None of the lemon, green apple or blue raspberry flavors in the original bags. If you are unsure if you are buying original flavors or the new ones, check the bags, if they have blue hearts in them, it's the newer flavors.

Why after all these years would they change the flavors so many of our customers ask us . Not knowing the really answer all we can figure is like many candies, the manufactures figure it is kids
that eat candy. They are always changing the flavors to appeal to the kids. Hey what about us adults that enjoy the candy from the good old days ? 

So if you are looking to buy Necco original conversation hearts your search is over.  Make sure to buy a few extra bags, the shelf life is pretty long. We always hold our breath every year never knowing from one year to the next if they will be totally gone.

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