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Monday, November 20, 2017
Chocolate coal is a very popular candy at Christmas.  How many times have you been told you better be good or Santa is going to put coal in your stocking ? Or maybe it is you threaten to get the coal.

You get a red mesh bag filled with 10 lumps of coal. Not only is this coal candy chocolate, it is double crisp as well.  So as you bite into it it will crunch. Each  lump is wrapped in a black foil
so it looks like coal.

One would think that this is  popular to give to kids, but you might be surprised to know that actually more adults receive this bag of coal then kids.

Chocolate coal has become a very popular at office parties. We have many companies that buy coal candy to give to their employees as a joke.  After all even the tag on the bag says " Being Naughty
Never Tasted So Nice ! " I am sure there is laughter through out the office when employees receive this gag gift.

If you are looking to buy coal candy for those on your naughty or nice list this is perfect. It also makes a great candy for your Christmas stockings.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017
Remember these old time candies ?  These honeycombed peanut candies were one of  my all time favorite Christmas candies.  My grandma always had these mixed in her candy dish with other hard Christmas candies. I would dig and dig through her dish trying to find these and many times my mom would find my pockets full.

If you have never had these let me explain a little bit of what they are. First of course they are shaped like a peanut.  Each peanut is a hard candy, as soon as you pop one in your mouth you can taste peanut butter. The candy shell itself is a hard, yet crisp and crunchy candy, there is then more peanut butter inside.  As you chew it, it remains crunchy. So if you are trying to be sneaking and eat candy when you are not supposed to then this is not the candy for you.  HA HA.

Many of our customers will call looking for this candy, but  they never know the real name. They will ask for those little hard peanut candies filed with peanut butter.

I have had come ask where the honeycombed name came from. It actually pretty simple as the shell of peanuts resemble a honeycomb.  I was very excited when we were able to actually track some of these peanut down, like I said they were my favorite. Once you start eating them they are addicting and hard to eat just one.

Each  candy peanut is about 1 inch long. The great think now is they are a wrapped candy , as many years ago there were not. Each bag has approximately 100 pieces.

If you are looking to buy old time candy from you past give these honeycombed peanuts a try.

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Monday, October 23, 2017
Eyeballs are one of the most popular candies for Halloween. Whether they are chocolate, filled or gummy.  These peanut butter eyeballs are some what creepy.  They are not your typical peanut butter eyeball as they are not chocolate.

When you sink  your teeth into these peanut butter eyeballs you will be surprised as they are crunchy! These are a Halloween candy spin off of the old time peanut butter bars.  Layers of crispy peanut butter covered with a white crunchy shell.

Those Halloween guest that will be knocking at your door will be a bit surprise when they sink their teeth in to these candy eyeballs and they crunch.

The are individually wrapped in a yellow wrapper with an eyeball on them.  These are a perfect candy for many as they are vegan friendly, 0 trans fat, cholesterol and gluten free.  Each bag has 26 peanut butter eyeballs, perfect for handing out for  your Halloween candy.

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Peanut butter skeleton bones Halloween candy.  Looking for a different kind of Halloween candy this year ?  Tired of buy the same old candy ? How about an old time candy with a twist for Halloween ?

Atkinson candy company has been making  the old time peanut butter bars since the early 1940's.  This are a favorite old time candy known for being white with the brown strips and extremely crunchy.

Well now you can get your favorite old time candy with a Halloween spin.  Recently they came out with peanut butter skeleton bones for Halloween. Same great crisp and crunchy peanut butter flavor, but wrapped in a blue wrapper with a picture of a bone on it.

These are a perfect hand out candy for Halloween or to put in your candy dish.

They are cholesterol free, gluten free and vegan friendly. Each bone is 3 inches , individually wrapped and 24 pieces per bag.

Buy peanut butter bones this year and have a treat the kids will love.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It's that time of year again, before to long there will be ghosts, goblins, ninja turtles and fairy princesses  knocking at your door.  So sweet and adorable holding out their treat bags just waiting with anticipation to see what they are going to receive.

There are so many choices on the market today, how do you choose what you want to hand out ?
Are you going to be that dentist that every year hands out that dang toothbrush, or that cool house that always hands out candy bars ?

Remember when handing out popcorn balls was a big thing? Of course candy bars are sill very popular but how about something a little more fun ?

For some reason candy eyeballs are very popular whether they are chocolate, filled with peanut butter, eyeball suckers or gum balls kids love getting eyeball especially gummy eyeballs.

Many like to give out those little packs of candy corn. Kids really are not to crazy about them to be honest. Instead how about handing out little of bags of Sweet Tarts skulls and bones or Sour Patch zombie kids ?

Another candy that is not very popular with kids are peanut butter kisses. You know they taffy candies with peanut butter in the middle in the orange and black wrappers.

Then you need to take the smaller children into consideration. You want to make sure to give out something that isn't to small.

So when you are picking out your Halloween candy keep in mind the fun stuff, the candy they can only get at Halloween, not those candy bars they can get anytime they go to the store.

Pick from wax fangs, plastic fangs with bags of blood,  bubble gum eyeballs,  caramel apple lollipops or gummy body parts. You know kids will love sinking their teeth into brains or feet.

Buy the cool Halloween candy and you too will be that house everyone wants to come to.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Looking to buy an Easter basket for kids ? We can help !  We have many different Easter baskets to choose from just for kids in a variety of prices ranges. From large to small, from boys to girls we have something we are sure will please you. We have baskets with just candy and some with candy and toys.

Whether you are looking for a kids Easter gift basket for a boy or a girl. This is perfect a perfect choice. With over 25 Easter favorites you won't go wrong. Each basket is wrapped in a gift bag with a ribbon bow. If you would like to add a gift message just let us know.

 Your little man will have so much fun digging through this Easter baskets and finding all the candies and toys for  hours of fun with this Easter basket for boys.

 Easter basket for girls. Any little girl will be delighted to find some sidewalk chalk, a bottle of bubbles, a Easter memory card game besides all the fun Easter candy.

This kids Easter basket is filled with toys, candy plus an Easter Dvd. Our bunny basket is sure to delight any child. You will find not only the cutest stuff bunny, but also an Easter Dvd, a maze coloring book, crayons and an Easter version card game. Along with a great variety of candy.

Our toddler girls Easter basket comes with a stuffed bunny, a plastic Easter cup and a story book. You also get a box of Easter cookies, fruit snacks, a chocolate bunny sucker, gummy lifesaver bunnies and a rice krispie treat and more.

The Easter basket for Toddlers boys comes with a stuffed bunny, a plastic Easter cup and a story book. You also get a box of Easter cookies, fruit snacks, a chocolate bunny sucker, gummy lifesaver bunnies and a rice krispie treat and more

Filled with a hollow chocolate bunny, malted milk mini eggs,mini jelly beans, mini peanut butter egg,chocolate eggs and an Easter pop are just a few of the Easter Candy you get in this cute basket. This is a great kids Easter basket with not to much candy, but just enough.

So if you are looking to buy a kids Easter basket check out out. So many choices it's crazy. If you don't see one you like , let us know many of times we can personalize an Easter basket just for you.

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Know someone who likes warheads candy ? Our warheads Easter basket would be the perfect Easter gift. This is one of most popular Easter baskets for teens.

You get :

  • 3.5oz Easter chewy cubes
  • .5 oz bag of Warheads jelly beans
  • .5 oz bag of Warheads sour chewy bunnies
  • 2 packs of Warheads sour dippin packs ( these are similar to fun dip )
  • 10 mini rolls of sour coolers
  • 5 sour gum
  • 10 warheads sour candies

This Easter basket if filled with nothing but Warheads sour candies.  Teens seem to love sour candies as well as adults, but Warheads candies are a favorite for teens. If you are looking to buy a teen Easter basket this one the perfect choice among the sour candy lovers.

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